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Canadian angler pulls off an unlikely animal rescue
A man from Fredericton, Canada, reeled in something unexpected on his latest fishing expedition.
The north Wales couple who created an 'animal nirvana'
A couple in north Wales has described how its home and surrounding land has become a "nirvana" for animals.
Stray dog painted to look like a tiger, leaving animal rights group horrified in Malaysia
An angry animal rights group have appealed for information after a dog was painted to look like a tiger.
Animal tests point to possible path to ultrafast insulin
An experimental ultrafast-acting insulin could work four times quicker than current fast-acting formulas, researchers say.
HIV can travel from brain, animal study suggests
HIV can reside in brain cells and spread the AIDS-causing virus to the body, a new study in mice indicates.
Unused cars becoming animal havens amid COVID-19
While you've been sheltering in place, your car isn't exactly going unused. It turns that all kinds of critters are turning vehicles into their homes.
Animal lovers chasing glimpse of rare species fuel tourism boom but can create headaches
Discoveries of rare and endangered animals in Australia's remote deserts have prompted mini tourism booms, but they are also causing some headaches for local aboriginal rangers and their conservation efforts.
Animal advocates: Fatal zoo mauling shows need for crackdown
The fatal mauling of a zoo intern by a lion that escaped from a locked pen illustrates the need for North Carolina regulators to crack down on unaccredited exhibitors of dangerous animals, animal welfare advocates said Monday.
Study sheds new light on emergence of early animal life 540m years ago
All the major groups of animals appear in the fossil record for the first time around 540-500 million years ago — an event known as the Cambrian Explosion — but new research from the University of Oxford in collaboration with the University of Lausanne suggested that for most animals this 'explosion' was in fact a more gradual process.
Chimpanzees help researchers improve machine learning of animal simulations
Researchers at The University of Manchester in the UK are using computer simulations of chimpanzees to improve not only our understanding of how the animals walk, but also the technology we use to do it.
Do human, animal rights really matter in capitalist West?
For years, Western countries and companies held claims about being champions of human and animal rights, sometimes going to great lengths in using such rights as a tool to criticize other countries and a pretext to hide the ulterior political motives that were behind such criticism. However, new reports emerging on Western media from time to time reveal that their claims to advocating human and animal rights may not be as genuine as they claim.
'AniMal' wins New Talents Award at France's FIPA fest
Iranian short film 'AniMal' won an award in the New Talent section of the 31st International Festival of Audiovisual Programs (FIPA/Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuels) in France.
Iran’s 'AniMal' wins at Curta Cinema
Short film 'AniMal', directed by Bahman and Bahram Ark, a production of Iranian National School of Cinema won the best direction award at the 17th Curta Cinema held in Brazil from November 1 to 8.
Stuffed animal sleepovers encourage children to read
New research suggested stuffed animal sleepovers encourage children to read and boost learning.

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