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Ukraine should build up own army like Iran: Envoy
Ukraine’s ambassador to Tehran deplored the Western governments’ reluctance to accept his country as a new member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), saying Kyiv ought to enhance its military capabilities and develop a strong and independent army, like that of Iran.
Iran Army unveils indigenous tank transporter
The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army unveiled a super heavy tank transporter, among other achievements, designed and developed by Iranian experts.
Army: A guarantor of security
By Habibollah Sayyari*
Army shines like a jewel
By Hassan Ghazi*
Army commander warns of Iran’s response to any stupid move
The commander of the Iranian Army Ground Force described the Islamic Republic as the safest country in the region, cautioning the aggressors that any stupid move will be dealt with seriously.
Iran Army choppers equipped with night-vision gear: Commander
The airborne division of Iran’s Army Ground Force equipped its helicopter fleet with night-vision systems and powerful missiles, said a senior commander.
Army robustly defending Iran’s borders: Top commander
Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri hailed the Army Ground Force for firmly and powerfully defending the country’s borders.
430-year-old ninja weapons possibly identified
Artifacts found in Japan may be ninja weapons, including several that look like they were the forerunner to the well-known throwing star, have been found at several sites, including two castles, scientists say.
Sudanese rally against army tightening grip on power
Sudanese security forces fired live ammunition and tear gas on Saturday to disperse protesters denouncing the military’s tightening grip on the country, killing at least one and wounding several, activists said.
Subs blow up targets with homegrown torpedo in drill
The Iranian Navy’s submarines detonated various targets with homegrown torpedoes during the second day of a drill in the country’s southeastern waters.
Yemeni Army captures key military base in Marib: Local sources
Yemeni forces and allied fighters from Popular Committees captured a key military base occupied by Saudi militants loyal to former president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi in the country's strategic oil-rich province of Marib, and moved closer to the heart of energy reserves in the area.

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