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I want to get as close to reality as possible
Thus spoke the artist:
We all may be familiar with the stereotypical ‘desperate artist’, who will go to any lengths necessary just to make something out of an unfinished painting. As Francis Bacon argued, “feelings of desperation and unhappiness” will, in the end, serve the struggling artist better, since they “stretch [their] whole sensibility.”
Female artists dominate Venice Biennale for first time
For the first time in the 127-year history of the Venice Biennale, the world’s oldest and most important contemporary art fair features a majority of female artists, under the curatorial direction of Cecilia Alemani.
Ghana artist is melting its glass waste into wonders
Michael Tetteh, Ghana's only professional glassblower, clenched his teeth as he gripped a red-hot ball of molten glass, his burned and blistered hands bare against the steaming stack of wet newspaper he used to protect them.
Portuguese artist: Iranian filmmakers well-known in Portugal
The manager of Doclisboa Lisbon International Documentary Film Festival, Miguel Ribeiro, said that Portuguese audiences are in general very curious about cinema from all around the world and that Iranian filmmakers whose films have been screened in Portugal are quite well-known by the audience.
‘Ground-breaking’ New Zealand artist Billy Apple dies at 85
Pioneering New Zealand artist Billy Apple died overnight, aged 85.

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