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Daesh terrorists kill 12 civilians in Iraq
Daesh terrorists killed 12 civilians and wounded at least six in two separate attacks in Iraq, apparently taking advantage of a sandstorm that sharply reduced visibility across the country, security officials said Tuesday.
Pakistan calls for action against militants on Afghan soil after cross-border attacks
Taliban issues warning over civilians killed by Pakistan rockets
Rebel attacks in eastern DR Congo kill more than 60
Suspected militants killed more than 60 people over five days of attacks on villages in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, local residents said on Tuesday.
US drones killed 48,000 civilians under ‘war on terror’ pretext: Iran
Iran’s top human rights official said that US drone strikes have only caused death and destruction, killing tens of thousands of civilians and destroying their homes over the last two decades under the pretext of countering terrorism.
Dozens killed in Daesh attacks in Syria, Iraq
Daesh terrorists launched sophisticated attacks in Syria and Iraq, including an attempt to break into a prison where terrorists are being held, officials said Friday.
Yemen launches ‘drone’ attacks deep inside UAE
Yemen said it has launched drone attacks deep inside the United Arab Emirates as Emirati officials said three tankers, carrying fuel, exploded in Abu Dhabi.
Israeli troops have watched, joined settlers attacking Palestinians: NGO
An Israeli rights group said Sunday that in 183 incidents of settler violence against Palestinians, Israeli forces did not intervene to protect Palestinians and at times actively joined the attacks.
Afghanistan under neo-Taliban rule
Here are the latest developments in Afghanistan following the second takeover of the country by the Taliban militant group on August 15:
Hamas: Israeli attacks aimed at diverting attention from prison escape
The Palestinian resistance movement Hamas said that fresh Israeli airstrikes on Gaza Strip are an attempt by the Israeli regime to divert attentions from the successful escape of Palestinian inmates from its high-security prison.
France begins marathon trial over November 2015 Paris attacks
The biggest trial in France’s modern history began yesterday with 20 suspects accused of attacks in Paris that saw 130 people killed in November 2015, an expected nine months of hearings set to reopen still raw wounds.
Hamas initiates air defense fire after Israeli attacks
Hamas engaged its air defenses in response to intense airstrikes launched by the Israeli regime against several areas across the Gaza Strip, where he Palestinian resistance movement is headquartered.
Israel’s attacks on Gazan civilians ‘apparent war crimes’: HRW
Human Rights Watch accused the Israeli military of carrying out attacks on non-military Palestinian targets that “apparently amount to war crimes” during an 11-day offensive on the Gaza Strip that began on May 10.
One Palestinian killed, 20 injured in separate Israeli attacks
One Palestinian man was killed and 20 others were injured in two separate attacks in the occupied West Bank and flashpoint East Al-Quds neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah.
Yemen’s Houthi official dismisses US sanctions, warns of expanded attacks
A leader of Yemen's Houthi movement on Sunday dismissed US sanctions on military officials and threatened possible expanded attacks on "aggressor countries".
Israel’s attacks on Syria seriously jeopardize regional stability, intl. security: UN ambassador
Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Bassam Sabbagh said the Israeli regime’s repeated attacks against his country’s territory, sovereignty and independence threaten regional stability as well as international peace and security.

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