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Baby formula makers ramp up U.S. supplies to tackle shortage
Top baby formula makers have ramped up supplies to the United States to resolve a shortage that has emptied shelves and caused panic among parents.
Baby lost in chaos of Afghanistan airlift returned to family
An infant boy handed in desperation to a soldier across an airport wall in the chaos of the American evacuation of Afghanistan has been found and was reunited with his relatives in Kabul.
One-year-old baby lifts 6kg medicine ball in viral video
A one-year-old baby and weightlifting — sounds like a weird combination, right? The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of babies is the visual of them playing with their toys and moving around the house. However, this super-strong baby featured in a now-viral video seems to have different interests.
Baby arrival makes Scots woman nation's only great-great-great-gran
Thanks to the last month birth of the latest generation, Mary Marshall, 86, has become Scotland’s only great-great-great-gran.
Canadian boy’s 1.02-inch baby tooth declared a world record
An Ontario boy became a Guinness World Record holder after a baby tooth pulled by his dentistwas measured at 1.02 inches long.
British baby born at 1lb 11oz survives COVID-19 and sepsis
A mother whose baby survived E-coli infection, sepsis and COVID-19 after being born at 1lb 11oz has described him as "our little warrior".
Adorable clingy baby panda refuses to let go of zookeeper’s leg in South Korea
Meet Fu Bao — the adorable baby panda who absolutely will not leave her zookeeper alone.
Thai baby elephant hit by motorcycle survives after receiving CPR
Thailand’s Mana Srivate has performed dozens of resuscitation attempts in his 26 years as a rescue worker, but never before on an elephant.
Scottish premature baby who fought off COVID now 'thriving'
The parents of one of the pandemic's youngest COVID survivors have said that six months on she is "thriving".
'My sister's choice of baby name is a massive mistake but she won't listen'
A woman who disagreed with her sister's choice of baby name was left with the difficult choice of whether to speak out against it or keep quiet.
My wife wants to name our baby after her mother but I think she'll be bullied
A soon-to-dad has said he is refusing to name his daughter in memory of his wife's mother as he's worried it will lead to their child being bullied "throughout her life”.
Unraveling mother to baby transmission of Zika virus
Zika virus is a mild infection for most people but it can be dangerous during pregnancy, causing infants to be born with abnormally small heads (microcephaly) and other congenital malformations.
Fluoridated water protects baby teeth, too
Fluoride in drinking water reduces the odds for severe cavities in baby teeth, researchers from New Zealand report.
Baby among seven dead as floods sweep Greek island
Seven people have died, including a baby, as torrential rains and floods swept the Greek island of Evia, damaging dozens of houses and blocking roads.
Leaving your baby to 'cry it out' has no adverse effects on child development: Study
Leaving an infant to 'cry it out' from birth up to 18 months does not adversely affect their behavior development or attachment, researchers from the University of Warwick have found, they also discovered that those left to cry cried less and for a shorter duration at 18 months of age.

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