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Most beautiful beaches in Iran
What conjures up in your mind when you think about traveling to Iran? Endless deserts, salt lakes, mosques, Islamic architecture, and mountains probably feature heavily. But what about a beach? Didn’t think of that, did you?!
Most beautiful beaches in Iran
Iran enjoys many different beaches with different moods and a wide range of holiday experiences. In the first and second parts of the article we covered information about eight beautiful beaches located in the southern part of the country.
Most beautiful beaches in Iran
Iran is famous for its picture-perfect salt lakes, breathtakingly colorful Islamic architecture, as well as its serene beaches. In fact, in this article, we are going to tell you about some marvelous beaches in Iran that this beautiful country had kept hidden for so long.
Most beautiful beaches in Iran
If you are looking for a memorable and relaxing holiday, the beaches in Iran are glamorous, dreamy, and fun to explore. The fantastic news is that these beaches do not limit you only to summer days since Iran has a diverse climate, and you have the opportunity to enjoy walking on the beach any time of the year.
High cost to wildlife from shark nets protecting South Africa Beaches
"They're basically curtains of death," said shark diver Walter Bernardis as he reached over the side of his zodiac inflatable boat to pull up a net bobbing in eastern South Africa's subtropical waters.
Eternal attractions of fabulous beaches of Bandar Mogham in southern Iran
Visitors who have chosen Bandar Mogham as their destination have depicted the shore of the port city in Hormozgan Province as a dreamy and wonderful scenery in southern Iran.
Raw sewage dumped into English and Welsh beaches '2,900 times this year'
Water companies in the UK discharged raw sewage into bathing water beaches almost 3,000 times in the past year, polluting the environment and risking public health, new analysis shows.
Old man and the sea: Malaysian's mission to rid beaches of glass
A 74-year-old Malaysian man's quest to rid the country's beaches of washed-up glass led to a collection of thousands of bottles, now displayed in a colorful seaside museum.
Lawyer dresses as Grim Reaper to scare people off beaches amid coronavirus pandemic
A lawyer has shot to fame after dressing as the Grim Reaper to scare people off newly-reopened beaches in his coronavirus-ravaged state. Daniel Uhlfelder donned the creepy black hooded shroud and toted a fake scythe to tour the beaches of Walton County in Northwest Florida from Friday.
New origin story for gross blobs that wash up on beaches
Every so often, a fatberg-esque blob of material called ambergris washes up on a beach.
Beaches choked with stinky seaweed could be the new normal
Slimy, stinky brown seaweed that ruins beachgoers' vacations from Mexico to Florida may be the new normal unless Brazil halts Amazon deforestation, experts say.
Hundreds of dead sea creatures hit Florida beaches in worst red tide in decade
A natural phenomenon, red tide is caused by a microscopic single-celled organism called Karenia brevis, unique to the Gulf of Mexico. It releases a powerful neurotoxin that can become airborne, causing headaches, watery eyes, coughing and asthma attacks in people.
Scientists seek public's help to map plastic on UK beaches
Food wrappers, fishing nets, bottles, straws and carrier bags are among the top 10 plastic items littering British beaches, according to new research.

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