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Why nobody invests in Japan
Tokyo’s failure to attract foreign capital is hobbling its economy
Iranian gov’t to boost capital market
The Iranian government took important decisions to boost the capital market, develop investment platforms in the stock market and support the financing of development and investment projects in the country's economic enterprises.
Rouhani: Iranian gov’t supports capital market
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the comprehensive support of the capital market is a principled and permanent policy of the government.
Remains of 7th century smoke signal site found near ancient Japanese capital
Remnants of a smoke signal site dating back to late seventh century have been found at the Sada Takayama ruins in this western Japan town, the local education board announced.
Study finds London has become a city for the elites
The British capital, London, is now prohibitively expensive for people from less affluent backgrounds, a charity claims.
Iran central banks begins implementing OMO to regulate capital flow
Iran has kicked off implementing open market operation (OMO) policies in its banking system as it seeks better control over the capital flow in the country.
'Germany plans to hold Libya summit on January 19'
Germany has decided to hold a summit in the capital Berlin aimed at promoting peace and stability in Libya, two participants say.
Air pollution shutters schools in Iran's capital
Schools in Tehran were ordered to close on Wednesday after the capital city was cloaked in dangerously high levels of air pollution, authorities said.
Indian capital in 'day-to-day battle' with smog as cool weather sets in
Cooler temperatures and lighter wind trapped heavy smog over the Indian capital on Wednesday, pushing pollution to “severe” levels in many places with no immediate relief in sight, government agencies said.
Facing protesters’ wrath, Ecuador government relocates out of capital
Ecuador’s president says he has moved his government from the capital, Quito, to the coastal city of Guayaquil, as angry protesters converge on the capital city to rebuke him over rising fuel prices.
Thailand PM considers moving capital as Bangkok congestion takes toll
Thailand could be the next nation in Southeast Asia to relocate its capital after Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha hinted such a move could be a ‘possibility’ under his government.
Next week London is set to host the world's biggest arms fair
In the latest bid to oust the world’s largest arms fair from London, the capital’s mayor has reportedly told the organizers that they are not welcome in his city.
Explosion rocks Somali capital, injures Mogadishu mayor
The mayor of Somalia’s capital Mogadishu and several other officials have been wounded in an explosion that hit local government headquarters.
Japan’s export curbs bring attention to Tokyo’s capital in local market
Japan’s decision to restrict key supplies for South Korea’s semiconductor industry has shed light on the considerable size of Japanese investment in the nation’s financial market, stoking concerns over its impact on the nation’s economy if political bickering spreads to the capital market.

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