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Pizza with 254 kinds of cheese breaks Guinness record
A French chef captured a Guinness World Record by cooking up a pizza that contains 254 varieties of cheese.
Eating full fat milk or cheese twice a day could reduce risk of heart disease: Study
For years experts urged adults to skip full fat milk and cheese to stay healthy.
Eating cheese, yoghurt and milk can cut the risk of suffering a stroke
Eating dairy may reduce the likelihood of suffering a stroke in later life, researchers say.
Type 2 diabetes: The best type of cheese to keep the condition under control
Type 2 diabetes happens when the level of sugar in the blood is too high.
Cheesy music: Swiss experiment with sound to make cheese tastier
When searching a fromagerie for the perfect chunk of cheddar or parmesan, cheese aficionados have probably never grilled vendors over what kind of music was played to their cheeses.
7 reasons why this variety of cheese is actually good for your health
‘Feta’ is derived from the Greek word for slice. Available in a soft texture, this white brined cheese which crumbles on touch is one the “healthiest cheeses in the world”.
Eating cheese fights heart disease
Eating cheese slashes the risk of heart disease, scientists said.
Cheese does not increase risk of heart attack or strokes
The belief that cheese is bad for you is wrong, researchers have said, after finding no link between eating dairy products and a heightened risk of heart attack and strokes.
Contrary to popular belief: Cheese, cream can prevent diabetes, heart risk
Families can enjoy high-fat foods without fearing for their health after research overturned previously accepted wisdom.
Antimicrobial edible films increase lifespan of cheese
Researchers at the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) have developed new coatings to apply to soft cheese. These coatings are totally edible and have an antimicrobial capacity, which increases the lifespan of the cheese. These films incorporate oregano and rosemary essential oils as antimicrobial agents, and chitosan, a by-product that comes from crustacean shells.
French urged to help with WikiCheese
Charles de Gaulle once lamented that it was impossible to govern a country that had 246 different types of cheese. Now Wikipedia is having similar difficulties with the nation's vast array of cheese.

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