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15 cities classified as ‘red’ as COVID cases increasing
Iran is once again experiencing surge in the number of COVID-19 cases as more cities report high number of new positive cases.
Bazaar, the core of Iranian cities
The bazaar has been one of the most important social centers in Iranian history. The traditional market not only was a place to trade and buy goods, but also a venue to hear news and talk about events. In many Iranian cities you can find bazaars that are very old. The beautiful and unique architecture of bazaars has made them one of the most important tourist attractions of Iran. You can find similar markets in some other countries such as India. Iran and India have had close relations since ancient times. The people of both countries, with a common origin (of Aryan tribes), have a long cultural and artistic history. The commonalities of the two civilizations can be found in the language, customs, arts, traditions and other behavioral and moral characteristics of the people of the two lands. The book entitled, ‘Art and Architectural Traditions of India and Iran,’ published on November 30, 2021 by Routledge India, presents a comprehensive overview of the historical and cultural linkages between India and Iran in terms of art and architectural traditions and their commonalities and diversities. In Chapter 2 of the book, Sakina Hakim, an Indian architect, has explored the designs and structures of bazaars in Iranian cities. The chapter proceeds with analysis of the elements and structure of the Iranian bazaar by mapping three Iranian cities, namely Tabriz, Isfahan and Kerman. Bazaars were the central places around which settlements developed, making them the core of the city. Following is a lightly edited version of Chapter 2 of the book, accompanied by photos of Iranian bazaars, taken from various internet sites.
Ministry reports rise in number of coronavirus high-risk cities
Iran’s Health Ministry reported a rise in the number of “red” cities across the country, saying that 143 cities are now classified as red – the highest category in the country’s coronavirus risk ranking.
Protests erupt in Tunisian cities amid anger over poor economy
Violent protests broke out in several Tunisian cities, including the capital Tunis and the coastal city of Sousse, as anger mounts over economic hardship.
The importance of urban trees
By Natalie Parletta
World's most popular tourist cities may have to rethink their entire model
Bangkok tourist destination Khao San Road is usually heaving with people on weekends, tattoo parlors, street vendors, hostels and buzzing nightlife drawing budget travelers and tour group alike.
China coronavirus: Number of cases jumps as virus spreads to new cities
China has reported 139 new cases of a mysterious virus in two days, with the outbreak spreading from Wuhan to other major Chinese cities.
People in green cities live longer
City dwellers tend to live longer if they are in leafy neighborhoods, according to a study that linked green areas to lower rates of premature death.
Taiwanese companies look to step up India play
Taiwan-based companies are keen to invest in India in electric vehicles, smart cities, and technology sectors to tap the potential created by the government’s push towards these sectors.

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