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Emperor penguin at serious risk of extinction due to climate change
The emperor penguin, which roams Antarctica's frozen tundra and chilly seas, is at severe risk of extinction in the next 30 to 40 years as a result of climate change, an expert from the Argentine Antarctic Institute (IAA) warned.
On land and sea, climate change causing 'irreversible' losses: UN
Climate change has already caused "irreversible losses" for nature, UN experts have said, warning that if emissions are not cut quickly, warming could trigger chain reactions with potentially catastrophic effects for all species, including humans.
Climate change threatens Winter Olympics and future snow sports: Research
Climate change is threatening the Winter Olympics and the future of snow sports by making conditions much more dangerous for athletes and participants, experts warned in a report published a week before the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing.
Australia says will sell coal 'for decades'
Australia said it will sell coal for "decades into the future" after spurning a pact to phase out the polluting fossil fuel to halt catastrophic climate change.
COP26 coalition worth $130 trillion vows to put climate at heart of finance
Banks, insurers and investors with around $130 trillion or 40% of the world's capital at their disposal pledged on Wednesday to put limiting climate change at the centre of their work.
'French Spider-Man' scales skyscraper in Paris for climate change action
There are publicity stunts, and then there's this: Free-climbing a 520-foot-tall skyscraper to raise awareness for climate change.
Norwegians vote in election centred on climate change, equality
Norwegians went to the polls on Sunday for the first of two days of voting in a parliamentary election dominated by the widening gap between rich and poor, climate change and how the oil-producing nation should adapt to the energy transition.
Deadly floods in Western Europe at least 20% more likely: Study
Climate change has made extreme rainfall events of the kind that sent lethal torrents of water hurtling through parts of Germany and Belgium last month at least 20% more likely to happen in the region, scientists said Tuesday.
U.N. sounds ‘deafening’ warning on climate change
The United Nations panel on climate change told the world on Monday that global warming was dangerously close to being out of control – and that humans were “unequivocally” to blame.
Putin vows harsh, quick response to foreign provocations
Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that Moscow would respond in a harsh and swift way to any foreign provocations after complaining of continued unfounded and unfriendly acts against Russia.
World leaders to discuss climate change in landmark summit
US President Joe Biden has invited dozens of world leaders to join the virtual climate change summit which starts Thursday.
Sharks can help marine ecosystems survive effects of climate change, study finds
When a major hurricane, extreme heat or other climate threat devastates an ocean’s lifeblood, its recovery could be aided by the presence of sharks.
UN Security Council to hold summit on climate change impact on world peace
The UN Security Council is to gather world leaders for a virtual summit to discuss the impact of global warming on world peace, an issue that divides its 15 members.
Research: Antarctic microalgae play a role in climate change
A team of microbiologists from the University of Ghent, Belgium, have discovered a mechanism which can cause melting glaciers at the South Pole to cause an increase in carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere.
Step up adaptation to climate change now or risk 'enormous toll', scientists warn
More than 3,000 scientists on Friday called for a far bigger global push to protect people and nature from the effects of a heating planet, even as researchers estimated funding to adapt to climate change has dropped because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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