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As many corals growing in Pacific as trees in Amazon, new study finds
A world-first estimate of the number of corals across the expanse of the Pacific Ocean has suggested there are about half a trillion of the reef-building animals.
3D printed corals could be the future of bioenergy
With global warming causing sea temperatures to rise, the coral reefs are dying around the world. The delicate reefs are particularly susceptible to even small changes in average temperature and salinity, and as they die, this could also spell disaster for the many marine organisms that call the reefs home.
How corals use fish as bodyguards against toxic seaweed
Toxic seaweed might be a coral’s worst nightmare. So what do corals do when danger strikes? They call in backup.
Metal pollution a new danger for corals in warming oceans
Metal copper from agricultural runoff and marine paint leaching from boat hulls poses an emerging threat to soft coral sea fans in the waters around Puerto Rico.
Corals bleaching and choking in Persian Gulf
Worldwide corals are either bleaching or choking and eventually dying and the Persian Gulf is not an exception, but what are the main threats and how is it possible to counter the threats?
Egypt’s rebounding tourism threatens Red Sea corals
In serene turquoise waters off Egypt’s Red Sea coast, scuba divers ease among delicate pink jellyfish and admire coral — yet a rebounding tourism sector threatens the fragile marine ecosystem.
Genetic tool could help scientists identify the most resilient types of corals
A team at Stanford University has started using a genetic editing tool called CRISPR to identify the genes that make corals more heat-tolerant.

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