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Targeting the deadly coils of Ebola
In the midst of a global pandemic with COVID-19, it's hard to appreciate how lucky those outside of Africa have been to avoid the deadly Ebola virus disease. It incapacitates its victims soon after infection with massive vomiting or diarrhea, leading to death from fluid loss in about 50 percent of the afflicted. The Ebola virus transmits only through bodily fluids, marking a key difference from the COVID-19 virus and one that has helped contain Ebola's spread.
Up to 1m tons of ‘deadly’ fishing gear left in ocean each year, WWF warns
Up to one million tons of fishing gear is left in the ocean each year, creating “deadly” debris for marine mammals, seabirds and sea turtles, conservationists have warned.
Syrians protest deadly US airstrike on gov’t forces in Hasakah
Dozens of people staged separate demonstrations in Syria’s northeastern province of Hasakah to express their outrage over a recent US airstrike against government forces, which killed a soldier and wounded several others.
Deadly bombings hit mosques in Afghanistan, Pakistan
Bombings killed a senior Islamic preacher and two worshippers during Friday prayers in Muslim mosques in Afghanistan and Pakistan, respectively, on Friday.
Deadly cyclones are on the rise and climate change is to blame
While Cyclone Fani is putting millions at risk in India and Bangladesh, Mozambique is still recovering from back-to-back cyclones that tore through the region in March and April, causing serious damage to the lives of thousands of children. These powerful storms should be an urgent wakeup call to world leaders on the grave risks that extreme weather events pose to the lives of children.
Even light rain increases your risk of a deadly car crash
Even light rain significantly increases your risk of a fatal car crash, a new study finds.
‘Deadly pollen bomb’ could prove fatal
HIGH pollen counts have been forecast across the UK, spelling trouble for people with allergies like hay fever. But these aren’t the only people who will suffer — high pollen counts could also put some people at risk of a potentially life-threatening condition.
Polar vortex brings deadly cold snap to US states
Deadly cold weather has brought what meteorologists call a "once-in-a-generation" deep freeze to large areas of the US.
President Bashir orders probe into recent deadly protests in Sudan
Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir has ordered an investigation into two weeks of violent protests against the government's economic policies and his 29-year rule.
Researchers find source of deadly 2015 Southeast Asia smoke cloud
Smoke from widespread fires in Indonesia in the summer and fall of 2015 hung heavily over major urban centers in Southeast Asia, causing adverse health effects for millions of people.
Sleeping more than eight hours a night may be a deadly warning sign
It's well known that getting enough sleep is vital for staying healthy, but excessive snoozing looks to be linked to a higher risk of heart problems and even a higher mortality risk, according to new research.
6 killed as deadly California wildfire continues to grow
A 70-year-old woman and her two great-grandchildren were among six killed when a wildfire raged through an area of northern California and engulfed entire communities, officials and family members said.
Scientists predict deadly epidemic worldwide
Researchers argue that new advanced drugs must be developed as soon as possible to prevent the deadly outbreak.
Norwegian aid group slams deadly Saudi airstrike on Yemeni capital
An international aid group has condemned Saudi Arabia's latest airstrikes on Yemen which it said targeted regions close to homes of its staff in the capital city.

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