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Iran’s COVID-19 deaths, infections reflecting declining trend: Task force spokesman
The spokesman of the National Task Force for Fighting the Coronavirus stressed in a news conference on Saturday that Iran’s daily COVID-19 deaths and infections are reflecting a declining trend in general.
Minister: Coronavirus figures in Iran declining amid surge in other countries
Iran’s Health Minister Saeid Namaki said despite the increase in the number of coronavirus infections and deaths in many countries in the world, the figures in Iran are declining.
South Korea's presence in Chinese market declining
South Korea's market share in China has been on the decline for years, data showed Tuesday, amid increased competition and a decline in its product competitiveness.
US life expectancy declining; here’s why
The average life expectancy in the US has been on the decline for three consecutive years.
How exercise in old age prevents the immune system from declining
Doing lots of exercise in older age can prevent the immune system from declining and protect people against infections, scientists said.
Teachers' mental health declining amid job stress
A long list of anxieties — around school budget cuts, bullying, coarse political discourse and the shaky status of immigrant students — is taking a toll on US teachers, a new survey showed, with more educators now saying their mental health is suffering than just two years earlier.
Rainfall declining in Iran
The average annual rainfall has declined in Iran compared with both last year's 'water year' and over an extended period, said a senior meteorological official.
Fertility rate reached all-time low
Iran’s total fertility rate has been declining in the past three decades. It fell from 2.9 children per woman between 1992 and 1996 to 1.7 children during 2007-2011, reaching an all-time low in large cities.
Antidote of declining petrodollars
Since Iran's economy is heavily dependent on oil revenues, a likely budget deficit in the upcoming fiscal year (to start March 2015) is being hotly debated.

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