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Ukraine says joint military drills with NATO to begin in a few months
Ukraine’s armed forces said joint military drills with NATO troops would begin in a few months’ time, a step that could stoke tensions with Moscow which has expressed its opposition to such a move.
Iranian, Russian navies practice anti-piracy operations on second day of drills
Iranian and Russian naval forces practiced anti-piracy operations, during which they rescued two hijacked merchant vessels, on the second day (Wednesday) of their joint maneuvers in the Sea of Oman and the northern part of the Indian Ocean.
Iran’s military drills forced enemy to abandon threats: Top general
Iran’s top military commander said on Monday the country’s recent back-to-back military drills had the United States give up its threats of military action against the Islamic Republic.
Army commander: Military drills a warning to Iran’s enemies
Army’s Commander Major General Abodolrahim Mousavi pointed to the recent military drills held in the country and said the maneuvers are in fact a warning to the enemies of the nation and the ill-wishers of Iran.
IRGC's missiles destroy mock enemy warships 1,800 km away during drills
Iran's homegrown and long-range missiles have destroyed mock enemy warships with pin-point accuracy, hundreds of kilometers away, in the northern Indian Ocean as the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) conducts massive military drills.
IRGC begins missile, drone exercises in massive military drills
The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has kicked off massive military drills in central Iran, in which it tests its latest ballistic missiles and combat drones.
Iran’s Navy successfully fires cruise missiles, torpedo in 2nd day of massive drills
Iran’s naval forces hit their targets by firing various types of cruise missiles and torpedo in the final stage of the ‘Eqtedar-e Daryayi 99' drills on Thursday.
Iran Air Force drills missions fully accomplished: Army Commander
Iran’s Army Commander Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi said the country's Air Force has successfully fulfilled its assigned missions with full authority and high accuracy in its latest drills carried out in central Iran.
Iran’s Air Force wraps up large-scale maneuvers
Iran’s Air Force on Tuesday wrapped up a massive military drill in the central province of Isfahan.
Army holds military drills in northwest Iran
The Iranian Army's Ground Force conducted a set of tactical drills in the country’s general northwestern area, using the opportunity to field its optimized new “offensive” brigades.
Iran successfully tests Bavar-373 air defense system
Iran’s domestically-developed Bavar-373 air defense missile system has been put to test for the first time on the second day of the country’s large-scale aerial drills, successfully destroying the designated targets.
Iran performs major electronic warfare drills
Iran’s Armed Forces on Wednesday launched large-scale aerial drills involving electronic warfare units and featuring the country’s domestically-built air defense systems and equipment.
Iran warns US aircraft to leave naval drills zone
Iran's Air Defense Force has warned the “trans-regional manned or unmanned” aircraft to leave the general area of Zolfaqar naval drills that are underway in the strategic southern waters of the country.
Iran begins large-scale naval drills in strategic southern waters
Iranian Army forces have begun holding large-scale naval drills in the country’s southern waters from east of the Hormuz Strait to the northern Indian Ocean with an aim to enhance the security of regional waters and international shipping routes.

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