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Drivers scramble as cash falls from armored truck on freeway
Drivers scrambled to grab cash Friday morning after bags of money fell out of an armored truck on a Southern California freeway in the US, authorities said.
Aussie drivers are confused over this road rule quiz
Aussie drivers have been left scratching their heads over a seemingly simple looking question that is dividing opinions.
Thousands of UK drivers unfairly fined by faulty speed camera
Thousands of drivers around the UK have been wrongly handed a £100 fine after the police admitted Britain's busiest speed camera is faulty.
Dutch officials seize ham sandwiches from British drivers
Dutch TV news has aired footage of customs officers confiscating ham sandwiches from drivers arriving by ferry from the UK under post-Brexit rules banning personal imports of meat and dairy products into the EU.
Moscow Metro hires first women train drivers
The Moscow Metro said it had hired female drivers for the first time in its recent history, following recent changes in controversial Russian legislation prohibiting women from many professions.
Forklift truck drivers who never leave their desks
During the pandemic, many of us have relied on having goods delivered to our homes more frequently than before.
Drivers grabbing face masks from road cause highway traffic jam
Police in California said traffic on a busy stretch of highway came to a halt when people got out of their vehicles to retrieve medical face masks littering the roadway.
Turkey opens border for 33 Iranian drivers stranded in Europe
Turkey opened its border to let 33 Iranian truck drivers stranded in Europe due to the novel coronavirus pandemic return home.
Two train drivers killed in Italy high-speed rail crash
Two rail workers are killed and about 30 people injured on Thursday when a high-speed train derailed before dawn near Milan in northern Italy, authorities say.
High speed train derails in northern Italy, two drivers die
A high-speed train derailed in the northern Italian province of Lodi in the early hours of Thursday, killing its two drivers and interrupting traffic on the busy line between Milan and Bologna, officials said.
UK transport bosses to increase fines for idling drivers who contribute to air pollution
UK Transport bosses are looking to increase fines for drivers who contribute to ‘dangerous’ air pollution by making one common mistake — idling.
Traffic jams costing British drivers £1,317 per year
Road congestion cost the UK economy nearly £8 billion last year, according to new analysis.
Drivers resist low-emission scheme as London struggles to clean up its air
As the lights change, the thundering morning traffic comes to a stop at one of London’s busiest junctions.
German union calls nationwide strike by money transport drivers
Ver.di, one of Germany’s largest unions, on Tuesday called a nationwide strike by 12,500 armed drivers and other workers who transport cash to banks and retail outlets across the country after five rounds of unsuccessful wage talks.

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