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Persian literature course gets kudos in Spain
A Persian literature course which was held in the University of Córdoba in Spain was highly welcomed by Spanish students.
Raeisi stresses education for all as Iran rings in new school year
Some 15 million students started the new school year in Iran, where President Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi stressed that no one should be left behind in having access to education because of poverty.
Pakistan keen to improve level of Persian language education
The Cultural Center of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Lahore announced its readiness to develop joint cooperation to improve the level of spoken Persian language for teachers and students in Punjab Province.
Dar-ol-Fonoun, first modern institution of higher education in Iran
Dar-ol-Fonoun is the name of an old school located on Naser Khosrow Street in Tehran which was established by Amir Kabir (1807-1852), chief minister to Nassereddin Shah Qajar (1831-1896) in the first three years of his reign.
Thousands suspended at Myanmar universities as junta targets education
More than 11,000 academics and other university staff opposed to Myanmar's ruling junta have been suspended after going on strike in protest against military rule, a teachers' group said.
Men need to do their share in education
Fathers’ involvement in their children’s education is consistently shown to result in better educational outcomes for young people, as well as leading to more positive attitudes, greater enjoyment, better behavior and – critically – a reduced risk of exclusion (Women doing more home schooling during lockdown than men).
Colombian youth fighting for digital education for all
Rosas, a UN Young Leader, is the founder of El Origen, a foundation that provides at-risk youth with a second chance at education. O-lab, the app developed by El Origen, is adapted for indigenous students, who have some of the world’s lowest education attainment levels.
In-person education partially resumes in Turkey
Amid strict health protocols, Turkey opened village schools and kindergartens for full-time in-person education, the country's education minister said Monday.
Online education of Persian language in Japan dates back to 80 years ago: Official
Research on Iran, Islam, and Persian language in Japan dates back to 80 years ago, and the Japanese are among the frontrunners in this field, an academic said.

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