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Iran’s COVID-19 vaccine 90% effective in initial human trials
Iran’s CovIran Barekat, the country’s first domestically-developed COVID-19 vaccine, has shown 90-percent effectiveness, as confirmed by the first phase of human trials of the inoculation.
Iranian vaccine 100% effective against UK coronavirus variant: Official
The coronavirus vaccine financed by the Barakat Foundation of Iran is 100 percent effective against the new strain of the virus first found in the UK, an official said.
COVID-19 vaccine 'very safe and highly effective', UK health chief says
Public health messaging that people can have faith in the safety of coronavirus vaccines is “vitally important”, the leader of the UK body that has approved the Pfizer jab has said.
Fish oil and vitamin D supplements not effective for preventing atrial fibrillation
Taking omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D3 supplements does not neither increase nor decrease the risk of developing atrial fibrillation, according to late-breaking research presented at the American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2020.
Combo-drug treatment for type 2 diabetes remains effective after two years
Patients with type 2 diabetes often take metformin as first-line therapy to help stabilize their blood glucose. Eventually, some patients no longer respond to metformin and require additional treatment.
Tehran: Global anti-drug fight cannot be effective without Iran
Global fight against illicit drugs will not have favorable outcome without Iran's contribution, Iran’s Director General for International Affairs of Drug Control Headquarters Amir Abbas Lotfi said on Sunday.
China's Hebei issues orange smog alert effective Nov. 1
China’s top steelmaking province of Hebei has issued an “orange” smog alert effective from Nov. 1, with pollution expected to be “severe”, the local environment bureau said on Wednesday.
Exercise an effective protection against life-threatening cerebral hemorrhage
A Finnish study demonstrates that as little as half an hour of light exercise per week effectively protects against subarachnoid hemorrhage, the most lethal disorder of the cerebral circulation.
Test allows doctors to determine most effective treatment for women with breast cancer
A breast cancer test has been found that helps doctors make treatment decisions for some breast cancer patients, following research carried out at Queen Mary University of London and funded by Cancer Research UK.
Statins effective against cancer-linked weight loss
The condition known as cachexia, or wasting syndrome, is common among patients with chronic diseases such as cancer, heart failure and AIDS.
US group: Novartis gene therapy would be cost effective up to $900,000
An experimental gene therapy for spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) developed by Novartis AG would be worth up to $900,000, according to an independent US nonprofit organization that reviews the value of drugs and medical treatments.
Effective new target for mood-boosting brain stimulation found
Researchers have found an effective target in the brain for electrical stimulation to improve mood in people suffering from depression. As reported in the journal Current Biology on November 29, stimulation of a brain region called the lateral orbitofrontal cortex (OFC) reliably produced acute improvement in mood in patients who suffered from depression at the start of the study.
Scientists developed sensors to help doctors select effective cancer therapy
MIT scientists have developed new sensors that could help them analyze cancer cells and to check whether the cells are responding to a particular type of chemotherapy drug.
Researchers locate a more effective way to treat depression
Depression is a condition that we’ve all been touched by. The commonality of it is only matched by those who quietly suffer from it.

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