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Baby elephant has four doting gentle giant nannies
A video showcasing the loving nature of a few female elephants has won people’s hearts.
Indian loco pilot saves life of elephant that comes close to moving train
There is hope left in this world after all, and the Internet keeps on reinstating the fact. The world keeps breaking the spirit of animals and animal lovers every day with the troubling videos and news of how they are murdered, poached, torn off from their natural habitat, separated from their natal mothers and so much more.
Elephant in India’s Guwahati leaves netizens puzzled after gobbling up helmet on video
A viral video of a wild elephant eating a helmet has left the Internet astonished.
Thai baby elephant hit by motorcycle survives after receiving CPR
Thailand’s Mana Srivate has performed dozens of resuscitation attempts in his 26 years as a rescue worker, but never before on an elephant.
'World's loneliest elephant' will finally get some friends
Kaavan, dubbed the "world’s loneliest elephant" after languishing alone for years in a Pakistani zoo, was readied on Sunday for his flight to a sanctuary in Cambodia and the much-needed company of other elephants.
Elephant trapped in Indian well rescued in 12-hour crane operation
Forest officials in India’s southern Tamil Nadu state said they used a crane to pull an elephant from a well after working for more than 12 hours to rescue the animal.
Sreekutty the baby elephant celebrates first birthday With jumbo cake
Sreekutty celebrated her first birthday in style. The baby elephant wore a flower in her hair and ate a jumbo birthday cake at Kottoor Elephant Rehabilitation Center in Kerala.
Lonely elephant who spent 30 years in chains will move to sanctuary to make friends
An elephant that has been isolated and chained up in a small enclosure for most of its life is finally moving to a sanctuary where he will recover and live with new friends.
World’s loneliest elephant’ given permission to leave zoo for a better life
The ‘worlds loneliest elephant’ has finally been allowed to quit his zoo for a fresh start in life.
Mexican zoo live-streams birth of elephant named 'Zoom'
A baby African elephant whose birth was live-streamed by a safari park in Mexico has been named Zoom after the video chat app made popular by the coronavirus pandemic.
Singapore to ban domestic elephant ivory trade from 2021
Singapore will ban the domestic trade in ivory from September 2021, the government said on Monday, shutting the door to an important end-market for poached elephant ivory.
Suspected poacher killed by elephant, eaten by lions in South Africa
An elephant killed a suspected poacher and lions ate his remains, with a human skull and a pair of pants all that authorities have been able to recover.
Elephant poaching: 'Sick' EU ivory sales 'cover up illegal trade'
The open, legal sale of antique ivory in many European countries is covering up a trade in illegal and recently poached ivory, campaigners said.
Elephant genome study offers surprises
The most comprehensive elephant genome study ever conducted, covering seven living and extinct species, is offering some surprises about the family tree of the world’s largest land animal while also settling a debate about Africa’s elephants.

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