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Elephants in India enjoy fruit feast ahead of own world day
After an evening walk under overcast skies with rains not far away, elephants rescued from circuses and temples in India are treated to a feast of their favorite fruits and vegetables to celebrate World Elephant Day.
GLOBALink | Wandering elephants spotted flapping ears during sleep
Cute alert: A wandering herd of wild Asian elephants was spotted flapping ears while they took a snooze in Yuxi city in Yunnan, China.
Halt EU ivory trade to save elephants, ministers tell commission
EU commissioners are under pressure to close Europe’s legal ivory trade, which is a major threat to elephants.
Researchers study elephants' unique interactions with their dead
Stories of unique and sentient interactions between elephants and their dead are a familiar part of the species' lore, but a comprehensive study of these interactions has been lacking — until now. A recent review of documented field observations of elephants at carcasses reveals patterns of elephants' behavior toward their dead, regardless of the strength of former relationships with the deceased individual.
Do elephants risk their lives to save each other?
Last week, Thailand suffered one of its biggest ever single elephant tragedies, when 11 animals in one family died in a swollen river.
Tanzania seizes ivory tusks equivalent to 117 elephants killed
Tanzania has seized ivory tusks equivalent to killing at least 117 elephants, its tourism minister said, part of its drive to stamp out organised criminal networks involved in years of industrial-scale poaching.
Singapore seizes ivory from nearly 300 elephants in record haul
Singapore said on Tuesday it had seized 8.8 tons of elephant ivory, a record haul by authorities in the city-state, which conservation groups say is a transit point for the illegal wildlife trade.
Delhi's last elephants await marching orders
The mighty Heera marched through a crowded slum chewing bamboo, oblivious that freedom from life as one of Delhi's last six elephants at work in the polluted city could be just around the corner.
Elephants kill 10 Rohingyas in Bangladesh: UN
Elephants searching for food have trampled 10 Rohingya refugees to death in multiple incidents, the UN said Tuesday, announcing a new plan to foster "safe coexistence" between animals and sprawling refugee settlements.
China ivory ban brings hope for elephants
China's decision to ban the trade in ivory by the end of 2017 has been hailed as a 'game-changer' by conservationists the world over.
UK failure to halt ivory trade risks extinction of elephants
The UK is putting elephants at risk of extinction through its broken promises on the ivory trade, according to campaigners. Before the last election, the Conservative party pledged to shut down the UK’s domestic ivory market: At the time 30,000 elephants a year were being slaughtered for their tusks. But no action has been taken.
Africa leaders gather to save elephants, rhinos
The future of Africa's elephants and rhinos depends on the ability of its nations to battle together against poaching, African leaders and conservationists said on Friday at a summit meeting in Kenya.

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