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More salt men may be discovered
German team to participate in new archeological excavations in Chehrabad Mine
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New artifacts found in excavations of Turkish ancient city
Gifts dating back 1,800 years that have been given to the dead throughout history have been unearthed in a grave in the ancient city of Hadrianaupolis in the Ezkipazar district of the northern province of Karabük, Turkey.
1,600-year-old pendants unearthed in Assos excavations
Archeological excavations in Assos, one of the most important Turkish port cities of antiquity, have unearthed 1,600-year-old pendants made from bones, shaped in human and animal figures.
Troglodyte dwelling discovered in Iran
The second hand-dug troglodyte dwelling was discovered under an urban texture during archeological excavations in the north of Isfahan Province.
Excavations in Mudhaibi indicate presence of ancient civilization
Preliminary archeological excavations in the town of Al Ghareen in the wilayat of Mudhaibi in North Sharqiyah in Oman have revealed the presence of an ancient civilization in Oman with commercial association with the civilizations of Dilmun, Sindh, Mesopotamia and Iran.
Ancient Chinese temple uncovered after four years of excavations
For more than half a millennium, the Great Shangqing Palace was the primary place of worship for a popular Taoist sect in China. It was reportedly where several generations of Chinese emperors worshipped.
First archeological excavations conducted in southern Iran
The first season of archeological excavations is underway in the historical site of Jondi Shapour in the southern province of Khuzestan which was one of the four important cities during the Sassanid era.
Iran, Germany to conduct joint excavations in Maneh- Samalqan District
Iranian and German excavators will jointly conduct seven-year excavations at cultural heritage sites of Maneh and Samalqan District, North Khorasan Province.
US team ready to cooperate on Jondishapour excavations
An American archeological team has voiced readiness to collaborate with Iranian experts on excavation projects that are going to be resumed in the historical city of Jondishapour, in southwestern Khuzestan province, after a 50-year hiatus.
Burnt City excavations reveal new findings
A number of new objects, including a marble jar, have been discovered during excavations carried out by Iranian archeologists on the site of Shahr-e Soukhteh (Burnt City) in southeastern Iran.

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