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Craftsmanship, unusual imagery of Lorestan bronzes fascinating to experts
During the Iron Age, the Iranian highlands were home to numerous peoples and petty kingdoms that maintained intensive political, cultural and economic relations with the neighboring civilizations of Mesopotamia and Elam. As there are almost no written documents from the region itself, any reconstruction of the local circumstances has to rely on Assyrian, Babylonian or Elamite accounts.
Iranian, Kazakh experts discuss progress of bilateral ties
Iran and Kazakhstan discussed the progress in their bilateral relations over the last three decades in a webinar on Monday, according to a press release obtained by Iran Daily from the Kazakh Embassy in Tehran on Wednesday.
‘It’s exactly like a puzzle’: Experts on piecing together Roman fresco find
On the right bank of the Rhône in the Provençal town of Arles in France, the Roman-built House of the Harpist is being hailed as a remarkable record of ancient architecture and interior decoration.
Why experts say a good mood can lead to good health
It doesn't take a scientist to understand that laughter feels good, while anger feels awful.
Experts urge Biden to swiftly return to Iran nuclear deal
A group of more than 50 international relations and Middle East experts have signed onto a letter urging US President-elect Joe Biden to swiftly return to the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran.
Experts baffled by mystery illness in India
Health officials and experts are still baffled by a mysterious illness that has left over 500 people hospitalized and one person dead in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.
Experts say chemicals found in furniture, common household items could cause diabetes
When it comes to staying indoors, most of us find ourselves lying on the couch. However, according to, experts are now saying this is dangerous, especially for pregnant women.
Experts explain why cases of rare MIS-C are rising
Just days after the American Academy of Pediatrics revealed that cases of COVID-19 in children are at their highest since the pandemic began, reports are trickling in of an uptick in diagnoses of multi-system inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C), a serious complication of the virus.
Mysterious 'Robin Hood' hackers donating stolen money
A hacking group is donating stolen money to charity in what is seen as a mysterious first for cybercrime that's puzzling experts.
Flawless 102-carat diamond a 'bargain' at $16m
A rare 102-carat white diamond has sold at auction for $15.7 million (£12.1 million) in what experts say is a "bargain".
Obesity increases risks from COVID-19, experts say
Being obese or overweight puts you at greater risk of serious illness or death from COVID-19, experts say after examining existing studies.
Even people with lung disease should wear masks: Experts
People with chronic lung disease may worry about being able to breathe freely with face masks, but they should wear the coverings if possible, four leading medical groups say.
Experts find early ocher mine in Mexican underwater caves
Experts and cave divers in Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula have found ocher mines that are some of the oldest on the continent, which could explain why ancient skeletons were found in the narrow, twisting labyrinths of now-submerged sinkhole caves.

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