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Low fitness linked to higher psoriasis risk later in life
In a major register-based study, scientists at University of Gothenburg, Sweden, have now demonstrated a connection between inferior physical fitness in young adults and elevated risk of the autoimmune disease psoriasis. For the male recruits to compulsory military training who were rated as the least fit, the risk of developing psoriasis later was 35 percent higher than for the fittest.
Fitness watches 'make you feel guilty and anxious'
Heart patients should not use fitness watches because they do more harm than good, researchers said.
Fitness trackers 'add miles to your marathon'
Some fitness trackers are inaccurately measuring the running distance, according to a research from the consumer watchdog Which?
Sport England's fitness campaigns to target disadvantaged groups
Sport England will prioritize helping deprived communities and disadvantaged groups to become more active, its new chief executive said.
UK woman setting up fitness class for Muslims threatened to death
A female sport trainer in Britain has received death threats and other racist and abusive messages after she initiating a fitness class for Muslim women.
Make mobility your first fitness goal this year
How many times has “This year, I will exercise more” or “This year, I will join a gym”, appeared in your New Year resolutions? In a random survey in our Delhi office, eight out of 10 people listed one of these in their resolutions for 2019. Clearly, it is that time of the year.
Fitness tips: A 25-minute home workout
This can be done in between even the most awkward of family Christmas catch-ups. Repeat each move for 45 seconds.
5 reasons to eat more eggs, boost your fitness and weight loss efforts
Eggs are a great weight loss food as well as rich in nutrients that help you stay fit and power your exercise routine. Here are 5 benefits that you need to know about.
Swimming for weight loss, here’s how to get more out of the best exercise to lose weight fast
Swimming for weight loss: Swimming may not be the first activity that pops to mind when you think of weight loss, but fitness experts say it is a useful aerobic activity for overall fitness and toning. Swimming also burns fat long after your session.
Best fitness plan, future-proof your heart health with best exercises recommended by experts
According to a recent study, people with high fitness during their middle ages are significantly less likely to die from heart diseases in later life even if they were diagnosed with depression.
Heart patients need to focus on fitness and exercise, not weight loss
The study revealed that people who are physically active live longer than those who are not. Sustained physical activity over time was associated with substantially lower mortality risk.
Fitness trackers unlikely to make you healthier
Wearable exercise trackers or pedometers do not increase activity levels enough to benefit health, scientists have concluded.
Exercise affects memory, fitness
Taking even a short break from exercise not only decreases your fitness but could also affect your memory, a new study reveals.
Obesity more dangerous than lack of fitness
A new study, published in the International Journal of Epidemiology on December 20, has dismissed the concept of 'fat but fit'. In contrast, the results from the new study suggest that the protective effects of high fitness against early death are reduced in obese people.
Physical, mental fitness interlinked in seniors
Connections between different parts of the brain weaken with age, but new research suggests that being physically fit can boost long-term brain function.

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