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UN warns African refugees face food cuts due to inadequate funds
The UN's World Food Programme warned on Sunday that refugees in East and West Africa faced smaller food rations due to a surge in demand and insufficient funding.
South Korea says it will discuss frozen funds with Iran, US
South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin said his country will need more talks with both Iran and the United States to be able to release billions of dollar worth of Iranian funds that have remained blocked in South Korea for the past years allegedly because of American sanctions on Tehran.
Release of assets has nothing to do with US: Iran
Iran on Monday said the release of its frozen funds had nothing to do with any third party, including the United States.
Iraq releases funds as South Korea seeks ways to free Iranian frozen assets
Iraq has released Iran’s funds blocked at Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI) to allow for the import of food and medical items by the Islamic Republic, an Iranian official said.
Russia blasts freezing of Iran’s funds in South Korea as ‘piracy in action’
Russia’s Permanent Representative to International Organizations in Vienna Mikhail Ulyanov lambasted the freezing of Iran’s funds in South Korea as “piracy in action,” as Seoul persists in blocking Iran’s access to the funds on the excuse of abiding by illegal US sanctions.
Rouhani urges preparations for inflow of released funds
President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday urged the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) to gear up for the imminent release of the country’s funds frozen abroad.
Biden to route part of US border wall funds to military
President Joe Biden's administration will return more than $2 billion in funds allotted under his predecessor Donald Trump to build a wall along the US-Mexican border to the military and devote other remaining money to construction site clean-up, the White House budget office said on Friday.
Highest court of Luxembourg indorses releasing of Iran’s funds: CBI governor
The Supreme Court of Luxembourg has upheld ruling in lifting the seizure of Central Bank of Iran’s (CBI) assets meaning that Iran’s funds will return home with no judicial roadblock.
Iran raps South Korea for failing to release its assets due to US pressure
The governor of the Central Bank of Iran criticized South Korea for bowing to pressures from the US which has restrained Seoul from releasing Iranian funds.
Official: Iran’s funds frozen in S. Korea, Iraq, Oman to be released
Secretary-General of the Iran-Iraq Joint Chamber of Commerce Seyyed Hamid Hosseini said that $3b of Iran’s frozen assets in South Korea Iraq, Oman and will be released soon.
CBI governor urges South Korean banks to pay damage on Iran’s frozen funds
Governor of Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Abdolnasser Hemmati said the country expects South Korean banks holding some $7 billion in Iranian funds to pay damages because of their failure in the past two years to release the resources amid constant pressure by the United States.
Iran: South Korea holding $7b funds 'hostage'
South Korea to send delegation to Iran over tanker seizure
UK pledges more funds for Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland for virus response planning
Britain said on Friday it was guaranteeing £3.7 billion ($4.72 billion) of additional funding this year to be split between Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to allow the devolved governments there to plan their coronavirus response.
Belgian aged 103 walking marathon to raise funds for COVID-19 research
A 103-year-old Belgian doctor is walking a marathon around his garden in daily stages to raise money for research into the new coronavirus, inspired by a centenarian who became a hero in Britain for clocking up the charity miles with a walking frame.
Iran to have blocked funds released: Gov’t spokesman
Over 30 countries helped Iran fight coronavirus: Ministry

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