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Idaho men pass giant beach ball 673 times for Guinness World Record
A serial Guinness World Record breaker in Idaho, the US, teamed up with his brother and a friend to break the record for most giant beach ball passes in three minutes.
Locals create giant pattern on golf course in Finland
Carved in the snow by thousands of footsteps, a giant web of geometric patterns has appeared on a golf course in Finland, drawing global attention.
Giant iceberg A68a prangs seabed and loses corner
The icy colossus that is A68a has knocked off a corner, seemingly as a result of striking the seafloor.
Giant iceberg A68a prangs seabed and loses corner
The icy colossus that is A68a has knocked off a corner, seemingly as a result of striking the seafloor.
Giant wave sweeps newlyweds into the ocean during photo shoot
A wedding photo shoot on a California beach ended in near disaster when the newlyweds were swept from a large rock by a giant wave.
Giant cherry found on Italian farm unofficially breaks world record
A pair of siblings in Italy said they found a giant cherry in their orchard that weighs nearly an ounce and unofficially broke the Guinness World Record.
First giant panda born in Netherlands
Wu Wen, a giant panda loaned to a Dutch zoo by China, has given birth in a first for the Netherlands, Ouwehands animal park announced on Saturday.
Giant penguin fossil found in New Zealand
The fossilized remains of a huge penguin almost the size of an adult human have been found in New Zealand's South Island, scientists announced Wednesday.
Bamboo-biting giant pandas have special teeth recovery function
A research by Chinese scientists found the tooth enamel of giant pandas has a special recovery function to make their teeth resistant to wear from crunching bamboo branches.
Singapore's CapitaLand in $8b deal creating Asia property giant
Singapore's CapitaLand said Monday it has agreed to buy two real estate holding firms in a Sg$11 billion ($8.1 billion) deal that will create Asia's biggest property group with assets in dozens of countries.
Hirscher storms to sixth consecutive giant slalom win
Olympic champion Marcel Hirscher of Austria set a blistering pace to snatch a sixth consecutive victory in the men's World Cup giant slalom at Alta Badia on Sunday.
NASA: Giant 121-foot space rock barreling to Earth tomorrow
A giant asteroid four-times longer than a London double-decker bus will zip past the planet today, NASA warned.
Rocket Lab’s modest launch giant leap for small rocket business
A small rocket from a little-known company lifted off Sunday from the east coast of New Zealand, carrying a clutch of tiny satellites. That modest event — the first commercial launch by a US-New Zealand company known as Rocket Lab — could mark the beginning of a new era in the space business, where countless small rockets pop off from spaceports around the world.
England’s Kent may turn into a giant lorry park after Brexit: Report
A report has revealed that British authorities are planning to turn key corridors in the province of Kent, including a major highway leading to the Channel, to a giant lorry park in case United Kingdom fails to reach a deal with the European Union on how it should leave the bloc next year.
World's auto giant returns to Iran
Volkswagen, the world's largest automobile manufacturer, will return to the Iranian car market after an absence of 17 years, with Iran's Mamut Khodro Co. as its partner.

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