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English great-great grandma on turning 100: Look forward, don't look back
Retired shop assistant Constance Stead, who still lives independently in Killingbeck, England, with family close by, said: "I think you have got to look forward, don't look back.
Grandma shared great hack for not leaving a child in hot car
A number of children a year die from heatstroke after being left in hot cars, often by mistake. Some companies have come out with products to help parents remember that their children are in the car with them before they walk away.
Couple marries at retirement home so quarantined grandma can watch
Amber Cross and Daniel Jackson had a mountain of plans for this spring, including their long-anticipated wedding before 75 family members and friends, a travel-filled honeymoon and a leisurely road trip in July to their new home in Pensacola, Florida, the US.
Grandma rides mobility scooter in Scotland to celebrate after months in quarantine
A grandmother in Broxburn, Scotland took a trip to a skate park to celebrate her first time leaving the house after months in quarantine. But instead of skateboarding or rollerblading, she rode her mobility scooter.
New Jersey grandma wears colorful unicorn costume to greet her grandkids during coronavirus pandemic
Handshakes with new acquaintances and hugs from loved ones feel like something of a relic amid the COVID-19 pandemic. But one grandmother found a fun, colorful way to greet her grandkids.
90-year-old Japanese 'Gaming Grandma' dubbed world's oldest gaming YouTuber
A 90-year-old Japanese woman known as the ‘Gaming Grandma’ has been awarded a Guinness World Record as the oldest gaming YouTuber.
A family serenades grandma at Michigan senior living facility for Mother's Day
It was meant to be a Mother's Day surprise for one when 26-year-old Rebecca Roy and her family sang ‘You Are My Sunshine’ outside their grandma's senior living facility in Waterford, Michigan, the US.
Video game-streaming grandma is making profound impact on the lives of strangers
She streams video games like Call of Duty from the basement where she lives every day — which at first sounds like the story of a young gamer going too far. The twist is that Michelle Statham is actually a grandmother living in her kid’s basement.
Grandma spends entire Zoom meeting on mute again
For the fifth time in a row, a grandmother from Contern in southern Luxembourg has spent the entirety of a weekly family Zoom meeting on mute.
Sisters brave cold to be outside window of grandma battling COVID-19
As fluffy white snowflakes fall from the April sky, Mid-Michigan sisters Angie and Julie layer on heavy clothing to prepare to sit outside in the cold.
Grandma inspired by Captain Tom doing lengths of drive before turning 100
A great grandma aged 99 said she has been inspired by Captain Tom Moore to walk 100 lengths of her drive before her 100th birthday next week.
American grandma delivers 300 Easter baskets to children in need
The novel coronavirus pandemic couldn't stop one former truck driver and children’s minister from delivering 300 Easter meals and baskets for children in need in Charlotte, North Carolina, the US.
Can grandma help spot autism earlier?
Kids with autism who spend a lot of time with their grandmothers may get diagnosed with the disorder at a younger age, a small study suggested.

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