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Baby arrival makes Scots woman nation's only great-great-great-gran
Thanks to the last month birth of the latest generation, Mary Marshall, 86, has become Scotland’s only great-great-great-gran.
Khaf-Herat railway great achievement for Afghan people: Minister
Khaf-Herat joint railway project is a great achievement for Afghanistan’s people, said the Afghan minister of commerce and industry, adding by connecting this railway line to Chabahar-Zahedan railroad, southeastern Iran, another window will open for development of trade between Tehran and Kabul.
Great Barrier Reef’s corals in steep decline
Half of the Great Barrier Reef's corals have died over the past 25 years, scientists said Wednesday, warning that climate change is irreversibly destroying the underwater ecosystem.
Great Pacific garbage patch: Giant plastic trap put to sea again
A floating device designed to catch plastic waste has been redeployed in a second attempt to clean up a huge island of garbage swirling in the Pacific Ocean between California and Hawaii.
Some Great Barrier Reef coral suffering lasting effects from mass bleaching events
Coral reefs in the far north of the Great Barrier Reef are showing lasting effects from the mass bleaching of 2016 and 2017 and in some cases their health has declined further, according to fresh surveys by the Australian Institute of Marine Science.
Great white shark's genetic secrets revealed
The great white shark, one of the most fearsome predators in the world’s oceans in both fact and fiction, is a formidable creature — right down to its genes.
Can heat-resistant corals save the Great Barrier Reef?
It may seem like little more than a science project: A small robot deployed to disperse thousands of baby corals in a bit to revive dying reefs.
Water clouds discovered deep inside Jupiter's Great Red Spot megastorm
Scientists, for the first time, detected water clouds deep inside the Great Red Spot on Jupiter.
Mystery of Great Pyramid may be solved
New evidence proves that the ancient Egyptians constructed the Great Pyramid at Giza by transporting 170,000 tons of limestone in boats.
Iran attaches great importance to Pakistan’s security
Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif underlined that security of Pakistan held great significance to the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Astronomers discover a second 'great spot' on Jupiter
Jupiter's Great Red Spot has a sibling — or a rivalry. Astronomers at the University of Leicester have discovered a second ‘great spot’. Scientists dubbed the feature the Great Cold Spot.
Middleweight great Hopkins knocked out of ring in career finale
Bernard Hopkins's bid to add a last chapter to a storied ring career ended with the 51-year-old former world champion spent sprawling out of the ring by Joe Smith.

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