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U.N.: 18 million facing severe hunger in West Africa’s Sahel
The U.N. is warning that 18 million people in Africa’s Sahel region face severe hunger in the next three months, citing the impacts of Russia’s war in Ukraine, the coronavirus pandemic, climate-induced shocks and rising costs.
South Sudan to face its worst hunger crisis yet: WFP
More than 70 percent of South Sudan’s population will face extreme hunger this year as conflict and climate-related disasters deepen food scarcity, the UN’s World Food Programme (WFP) warned on Friday.
Horn of Africa drought drives 13 million to hunger
Vast swathes of land stretching from southern Ethiopia to northern Kenya and Somalia are in the grip of a severe drought that has left 13 million people facing hunger.
Millions facing severe hunger in Horn of Africa: U.N.
The U.N. World Food Programme said on Tuesday that 13 million people across the Horn of Africa face severe hunger, calling for immediate assistance to avoid a repeat of a famine a decade ago that killed hundreds of thousands of people.
Eleven people die of hunger every minute: Oxfam
Eleven people die every minute of hunger, according to a new report by Oxfam, which also found the number of those facing famine-like conditions globally has increased by six times over the past year.
Record hunger in Philippines as virus restrictions bite
Daniel Auminto lost his job and then his home when the coronavirus pandemic sent the Philippines into lockdown. Now he and his family live on the street, relying on food handouts to survive.
Pandemic sends hunger rising in US, and children bear the brunt
Before the pandemic closed her middle school and US immigration agents deported her father to El Salvador, Kimberly Orellana did not fear going hungry.
Hormone that switches off hunger may help treat obesity, study says
The hormone lipocalin-2, found naturally in humans and mice, could potentially treat obesity, a new study found.
The other way COVID will kill: Hunger
Long before the pandemic swept into her village in the rugged southeast of Afghanistan, Halima Bibi knew the gnawing fear of hunger. It was an omnipresent force, an unrelenting source of anxiety as she struggled to nourish her four children.
Hunger threatening to kill more people than COVID this year
The world is hurtling toward an unprecedented hunger crisis. As many as 132 million more people than previously projected could go hungry in 2020, and this year's gain may be more than triple any increase this century.
Over three million face hunger in Burkina Faso: UN
More than three million people face hunger in Burkina Faso, a drought-stricken West African country plagued by terrorists’ violence, United Nations agencies said.
Migrant children face hunger over free school meal restrictions in UK
Thousands of children from migrant families are at risk of hunger when schools reopen in the UK unless the free meal provision is extended, according to a group of 60 organizations.
UN warns of alarming rise of hunger in war-torn Yemen
Acute food insecurity is forecast to rise sharply in war-ravaged Yemen over a combination of factors exacerbated by the coronavirus, a report by several UN agencies said Wednesday.
Syria harvest boom brings hope as hunger spikes
Watching a combine harvester grind through his golden wheat, farmer Yahya Mahmoud is relieved the yield looks good this year, even as a tanking economy leaves millions hungry across war-torn Syria.
FAO warns multiple impact of COVID-19:  Desert locusts will fuel hunger in Asia, Pacific
While the world fights to slow the spread of COVID-19, the worst pandemic experienced in a century, countries in South and Southwest Asia are simultaneously responding to plagues of pests which threaten to worsen hunger and the livelihoods of millions of people, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) warned on Saturday.

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