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China denies testing nuclear-capable hypersonic missile
China on Monday denied a report it had recently launched a hypersonic missile, saying it tested a spacecraft to trial reusable technologies.
North Korea says it tested hypersonic missile
North Korea successfully tested a hypersonic gliding missile, state media reported Wednesday, in what would be the nation's latest advance in weapons technology.
Russia successfully tests hypersonic missile: Defense Ministry
The Russian military reported another successful test launch of a new Tsirkon hypersonic cruise missile on Monday.
Russia ready for hypersonic missile talks with US
Russia is ready to discuss hypersonic missiles and other arms control issues with the United States as part of wider discussions about strategic stability, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday.
Russia fires hypersonic missiles in Black Sea drills
Russian Defense Ministry published footage on Friday showing Kinzhal hypersonic and Kalibr cruise missiles being fired during Russian Navy drills in the Black Sea.
Putin says Russia’s new hypersonic ICBMs travel over 20 times faster than sound
Russian president Vladimir Putin says his country has developed new “Avant-garde” hypersonic intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) that are capable of traveling over 20 times faster than sound, guaranteeing Russia’s military parity with the United States.
China hypersonic weapon test successful, says Pentagon
China has successfully flight-tested a hypersonic glide vehicle (HGV) which is capable of carrying nuclear warheads at ultra-high speeds, US military officials say.

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