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Judge rules Obama pro-immigration program illegal
A US federal judge in Texas on Friday blocked new applications to a program that protects immigrants who were brought to the United States as children from deportation, but said the hundreds of thousands of people already enrolled would not be affected until further court rulings.
Mexico presses US to reform immigration policies
Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador urged the US to make major reforms to its immigration policy as thousands of migrants were blocked by police in neighboring Guatemala.
Some big, early shifts on immigration expected under Biden
Some dramatic moves on immigration are expected in the early days of the Biden administration.
Australia’s economic slump threatens openness to immigration
Australia’s immigration program, a key factor in the economy’s record stretch without recession, is under threat amid calls for the nation to turn inward while it recovers from the coronavirus pandemic.
Over 1,800 people spending Christmas in UK immigration detention centers
UK government figures show that over 1,800 people in Britain will spend the Christmas holiday incarcerated in immigration detention centers, prompting calls to end the “cruel and callous” policy.
New immigration rules will stop overseas graduates starting businesses we need
With Brexit and a global recession looming, the UK needs the talents of enterprising overseas students more than ever. But the outlook is gloomy: there’s been a sharp decline in entrepreneurship among immigrants since the EU referendum. While that’s perhaps unsurprising given the anti-immigration rhetoric that Brexit has spawned, it’s bad news for our economy.
After euphoria, anxiety, Germans turn pragmatic on immigration: Study
Germans are broadly positive toward immigration and think it benefits the country, a survey showed, suggesting the often extreme reactions triggered by the arrival of a million-plus refugees there in 2015 have given way to a calmer view.
Trump propose US immigration overhaul, ending green card lottery
US President Donald Trump has proposed overhauling the country’s immigration system to favor young, educated, English-speaking applicants instead of people with family ties to Americans.
Trump's immigration policy contrary to beliefs of most Americans: Poll
Most Americans have contrary ideas about immigration policy opposed to those of US President Donald Trump, according to a new poll.
Trump’s immigration offer brings sharp reactions from Dems, GOP
US President Donald Trump’s immigration compromise package to end the partial government shutdown drew sharp reactions from Democratic and Republican lawmakers alike.
Japan eases immigration rules for workers
Japan's parliament approved a controversial new law allowing hundreds of thousands of foreigners into the country to ease labor shortages.
UK immigration crackdown 'could send companies to the wall'
UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s plans for a crackdown on immigration after Brexit could cause UK companies to go bust and spark job losses across the country, the head of Britain’s biggest business lobby group has warned.
Thousands of Italians march against immigration policies in Rome
Thousands of people staged a rally in the Italian capital, Rome, to protest against racism and a proposed law on immigration.
Trump signs immigration proclamation, limits asylum
US President Donald Trump says he has signed an immigration order that will ban migrants, who cross the US border with Mexico illegally, from claiming asylum.

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