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Money above law in Khashoggi case
On September 27, when the Saudi king appointed Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman as the country’s prime minister, many experts believed that the appointment is more practical outside of the country's borders than inside. Especially, since nearly the last 50 years, it was the first time that someone other than the king has assumed the responsibility of the prime minister of Saudi Arabia.
EU Parliament strips Puigdemont, two other Catalans of immunity
The European Parliament voted to strip the immunity from prosecution from Carles Puigdemont and two other Catalan separatist lawmakers Spain has charged with sedition.
WHO warns coronavirus herd immunity unlikely this year
Scientists at the World Health Organization warned that mass vaccinations would not bring about herd immunity to the coronavirus this year, even as one leading producer boosted its production forecast.
Fake 'immunity booster' found on sale in London shops
Fake "COVID-19 immunity boosters" are being sold over the counter in London shops, a BBC investigation has found.
No vaccine can give 100 percent immunity from any disease, say experts treating COVID-19 patients
Even as Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij, a volunteer in the third phase of vaccine trials for India's first indigenous COVID-19 vaccine, said he has tested positive for the virus, medical experts in the national capital say that no vaccine makes a person 100 percent immune from any disease.
What do waning COVID-19 antibodies tell us about immunity and vaccines?
Growing evidence that COVID-19 antibody levels can wane swiftly after someone is infected is not necessarily bad news for immunity, experts said, and does not mean protection offered by coronavirus vaccines will be weak or short-lived.
COVID-19 reinfection casts doubt on virus immunity: Study
COVID-19 patients may experience more severe symptoms the second time they are infected, according to research released Tuesday confirming it is possible to catch the potentially deadly disease more than once.
Do masks help boost COVID immunity?
Could the mask — already seen by many scientists as the most effective shield against COVID-19 — have yet another benefit? Some researchers now believe that they expose wearers to smaller, less harmful doses of the disease which spark an immune response.
This one vegetable is key for boosting your immunity
Eating more whole foods and plants is a great way to get more nutrients into the diet that can help prevent disease. But no two vegetables and fruits are the same — in flavor, texture, and vitamins and minerals. There is one vegetable that is particularly good at boosting the immune system — shiitake mushrooms!
WHO: 'We are nowhere close' to having the herd immunity needed to stop the coronavirus
Recent reports have suggested that herd immunity may be achieved when as little as 50 percent of the population is immune. Herd immunity occurs when enough of the population is immune to the coronavirus, either via exposure or vaccine, for transmission to wane.
Why do we develop lifelong immunity to some diseases, but not others?
Some diseases, like the measles, infect us once and usually grant us immunity for life. For others, like the flu, we have to get vaccinated year after year.
Common cold could boost COVID-19 immunity, study finds
The common cold might help produce immunity against COVID-19, even in people who have not been infected with the new coronavirus, according to a study published by the journal Science.
Deputy minister: Herd immunity policy not effective for coronavirus
Iran’s Deputy Health Minister Iraj Harirchi said on Monday that adopting the policy of herd immunity in the case of the coronavirus is not effective.
Excess dietary salt may weaken  immunity against bacteria in kidneys
Eating more than the recommended amount of salt disrupts the antibacterial function of a type of immune cell, research in mice and humans has found.

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