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Environmentalists make a case for leaving fossil fuels in ground
Economic, climate and healthcare upheavals point to the need to move toward developing cleaner energy sources, environmentally friendly jobs and healthier communities, participants in a Reuters Next panel said.
First 10 days after leaving hospital carry high risk for COVID-19 patients: Study
In the first months after their COVID-19 hospital stay, patients face a high risk of ongoing health problems, trips back to the hospital, and death, a growing number of studies has shown.
A growing number of young Americans leaving desk jobs to farm
Liz Whitehurst dabbled in several careers before she ended up here, crating fistfuls of fresh-cut arugula in the early-November chill.
Leaving EU without deal would be no disaster for UK
Leaving the European Union without a deal in place would not spell disaster for the UK economy, according to a free market thinktank advocating trade with the rest of the world over a ‘hamstrung’ deal with Brussels.
Leaving contact lens in overnight could cause blindness
Contact lenses have vastly improved the options for those of poor sight. However, they can cause permanent vision loss if not worn properly.
More UK nurses leaving than joining profession
More nurses and midwives are leaving the profession in the UK than joining it, for the first time in nearly a decade, figures showed.
More militants leaving last bastion in Syrian city of Homs
A second group of militants and their families are leaving the last opposition-held neighborhood in the western Syrian city of Homs under a deal signed last year with the Damascus government.
North Korea, Malaysia ban each other’s citizens from leaving
North Korea has barred Malaysian citizens from leaving the country, prompting Kuala Lumpur to quickly respond with a similar ban amid rising diplomatic tensions between the two sides over the assassination of the North Korean leader’s half-brother in Malaysia.
Gambia’s Jammeh ‘emptied coffers’ before leaving
The Gambia’s former president Yahya Jammeh, who caused a political crisis in the African country before finally going into exile, has emptied the government’s treasury, plundering millions of dollars in his final weeks in power, says an aide to the country’s new president.
British politician: Leaving EU would damage environment
British Politician Ed Miliband has joined a cross-party attempt to persuade voters that leaving the EU would damage the environment.

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