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Child obesity action 'risks losing its way' in UK
Government efforts to fight child obesity risk in the UK getting lost in reorganizations and delays, a report warns.
Losing weight before bariatric surgery reduces risk of death by 40%
Losing even a little weight before bariatric surgery can reduce the risk of complications from the procedure, a study published by JAMA Network Open found.
Losing as little as 10lbs could slash average American's diabetes risks by 1.4-fold
Making a new year's resolution to shed a few pounds could help cut your risks for diabetes — even if you're not overweight or obese, a new study suggested.
Top US military officer says Taliban 'are not losing'
The top US military officer said that the Taliban "are not losing" in Afghanistan, and much more needs to be done to bring peace to the war-torn country.
Surgery students 'losing dexterity to stitch patients'
A British professor of surgery said students have spent so much time in front of screens and so little time using their hands that they have lost the dexterity for stitching or sewing up patients.
Kenya's Kipruto wins Diamond League’s 3000m after losing shoe
Kenyan runner Conseslus Kipruto defied the early setback of losing a shoe to win the 3000m men's steeplechase race in the IAAF Diamond League in Zurich, Switzerland.
Teen mothers in foster care have high risk of losing custody of babies
Teen mothers who are in foster care may be more likely to lose custody of their babies than adolescent mothers in different living circumstances, a Canadian study suggested.
Losing life savings in middle age increases risk of early death
Money may not be able to buy happiness, but a new study suggested it does buy health.
China inflation rate cools, hinting economy losing steam
China’s producer and consumer inflation eased as expected in January, even as global stock markets nosedive on fears that price pressures are slowly building in the US and Europe.
Losing weight eases obesity-related pain
Losing 10 percent of your body weight appears to reduce pain related to obesity, even in non-weight-bearing areas, a new study found.
Losing your sense of smell? You may be at risk of Alzheimer’s disease
If you find it tough to smell lemon or petrol, beware. You may be at higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.
Losing weight fast with liquid diet
There are many weight loss diets that can help you shed those extra pounds. But, an easy trick to losing weight fast is by relying on a liquid diet.

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