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Report: Many women fleeing domestic abuse in England face poverty
Victims of domestic abuse in England face the choice of their families being plunged into homelessness and poverty, or staying with the abuser, a report found.
Too many older British people given 'antidepressants instead of therapy'
GPs in the UK are giving too many older people antidepressants when they are struggling with depression, and should prescribe talking therapies far more often, according to a new research.
Too many students left with debts for 'too little payback'
Too many graduates in England are being left with big debts for too little payback, MPs are warning.
Why are so many Italians against vaccines?
Italy’s populist coalition has been criticized in recent days for rowing back on a law that made 10 vaccines compulsory for children.
Many adults 'don't know signs of eating disorders'
"I must have been in denial — I was in denial," said Lynda Kent, whose daughter developed an eating disorder 15 years ago at the age of 19.
‘Lost’ ancient Mexican city had as many buildings as Manhattan
A ‘lost’ Mexican city built by rivals to the Aztecs has as many buildings as Manhattan and was home to around 100,000 people, according to new research.
Many eye care providers may not catch macular degeneration
Primary care optometrists and ophthalmologists may sometimes fail to detect age-related macular degeneration, the most common cause of vision impairment in the elderly, a recent study suggested.
How many chemicals are in everything we eat?
All foods — and everything else around us — are made up of chemicals, whether they occur in nature or are made in a lab.
Many high-risk patients with breast cancer aren’t getting genetic testing
Doctors often fail to recommend genetic testing for breast-cancer patients, even those who are at high risk for mutations linked to ovarian and other cancers, according to a study.
Many women with eating disorders do recover
The media often portrays women with eating disorders of anorexia and bulimia as untreatable, and sadly, in about one-third of cases that may be true, new research suggested.
Many early colon cancers linked to inherited genes
As many as one in six colon cancer patients under the age of 50 has genetic traits that greatly boost the risk of cancer, a new study found.
Many people don’t know what makes smoking dangerous
Most Americans don't grasp that the chemicals produced by burning a cigarette are more harmful than the manufacturer's additives that cigarette also contains, and many mistakenly believe filters can protect them from breathing toxic fumes, a recent study suggested.
How many stars are in the Universe?
The night sky is littered with twinkling lights, evidence that we are just one small planet circling one tiny star in a vast Universe.

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