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At least 30 civilians killed in DR Congo massacre
Rebels shot or hacked to death at least 30 people in a new massacre in northeastern DR Congo, local and UN sources said Monday.
Biden warns of echoes of Tulsa massacre in United States today
‘Legacy of racist violence and white supremacy still resonates’
Call it what it is, a massacre at Europe’s doorstep
By Deanna Dadusc & Maurice Stierl*
Archeologists uncovered skeletal remains of a buried massacre in Spain
The remains that archeologists have unearthed in northern Spain aren't for the faint of heart: Skeletons of men, women, and children were frozen in time in the exact spots they died, their limbs scattered.
5,000-year-old crushed skulls discovered in Poland from 'brutal massacre'
Archeologists made a terrifying discovery in Poland when they found 5,000-year-old crushed skulls thought to have left after a brutal massacre.
How archeologist uncovered ancient Roman battleground ‘massacre’
An archeologist uncovered what he believed to be the remains of a Roman massacre of Britons in Dorset, describing it as his “most dramatic find”.
Relatives of massacre victims torn over future in Mexico as most flee
Two months after tragedy struck, beefed-up security has helped calm the holdout residents of a tight-knit community of US-Mexican families of Mormon origin. But with only a few families staying put, at least one village is being hollowed out.
Texas gunman fired from job before massacre; victim IDs emerge
The man who killed seven people and wounded 22 others in a rolling rampage across West Texas on Saturday was fired from his trucking job hours before the massacre, media and officials reported.
Sudan protesters urge new night-time rallies over 'massacre'
Sudan's protest movement has called for night-time rallies in the capital Khartoum, to condemn the "massacre" of demonstrators at a sit-in early this month.
New Zealand massacre suspect charged with 49 more mosque murders
Australian Brenton Tarrant appeared in a New Zealand court on Friday where the suspected white supremacist was charged with an additional 49 counts of murder at two mosques last month.
Gunmen in Somalia kill 8 in roadside massacre
Gunmen in Somalia have opened fire on a team of roadside workers, killing eight and wounding several others, witnesses say.
California massacre makes 307 mass shootings since beginning of 2018: Data
The recent killing spree at a restaurant in the US state of California, where a gunman shot dead 12 people and himself, marked the 307th mass shooting in the US since the beginning of 2018, underscoring the country's ongoing gun violence epidemic.
Official: Massacre in Syria’s Idlib is Iran’s redline
The potential massacre of civilians while trying to retake the last major stronghold of anti-government terrorists in Syria – namely Idlib Province – is a redline for Iran, said the Iranian chief negotiator in the peace process for Syria.

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