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Sassanid Memory and the Persian Monumental and Ritual Legacy
The Sassanid kings understood that their dynasty originated in southwestern Iran, the former homeland of the Achaemenid Empire. Although their empire had been defunct for centuries, the ruined palaces, sacred sites, and tombs of the Achaemenid kings of kings still loomed large on the physical and ideological horizons of Pars long after their fall. The vestiges of this great, yet half-understood, Persian heritage confronted all who held power in the province and eventually stimulated the Sassanid’s own memorial and monumental practices.
Memory without a brain: How a single cell slime mold makes smart decisions
How a single cell slime mold makes smart decisions without a central nervous system.
New research finds exercise may help slow memory loss for people living with Alzheimer's dementia
Promising new research shows aerobic exercise may help slow memory loss for older adults living with Alzheimer's dementia.
British boy sleeps in tent for months in memory of friends
A 10-year-old boy has been sleeping outside in a tent for more than 200 days in memory of two family friends.
Brain waves in mice change based on memory age: Study
Researchers have discovered signatures in brain activity that allow them to tell old and new memories apart.
Statins do not harm the memory,  and may prevent cognitive decline for some
Statins don't harm the memory – and could even prevent cognitive decline in those with heart disease or high risk of dementia.
Blood protein contributes to memory loss in Alzheimer's disease, study says
A protein found in blood could be the key to identifying the cause of Alzheimer's disease, a new study says.
Waves move across human brain to support memory
The coordination of neural activity across widespread brain networks is essential for human cognition.
Researchers sucked a memory out of snail  and stuck it in another snail
A new study strongly suggested that at least some memories are stored in genetic code, and that genetic code can act like memory soup. Suck it out of one animal and stick the code in a second animal, and that second animal can remember things that only the first animal knew.
Depression may have negative effect on memory
Depression may do more than darken your mood, with new research suggesting it might also sap your memory.
How social media is hurting your memory
Each day, hundreds of millions of people document and share their experiences on social media, from packed parties to the most intimate family moments.
Dark chocolates are your best friends, they reduce stress, improve memory
Dark chocolates are the new superfood you should include in your daily diet to lose weight and stay fit. According to a new study, consuming dark chocolates can reduce stress levels and also improve our mood, say scientists.
Memory part of the brain may hold clues for anxiety, depression
The hippocampus is an area of the brain commonly linked with memory and dementia.
Cueing newly learned information in sleep improves memory
Scientists have long known that sleep plays an important role in the formation and retention of new memories.
Tortured activist loses memory in Saudi Arabia
Bahraini sources say an activist, who had been deported recently to Saudi Arabia, has lost his memory after he was subjected to torture in the kingdom’s prisons.

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