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Indonesia plans to export more metal products to Turkey
A senior Indonesian government official said that the country intended to export more metals and metal products to Turkey to boost trade between the two countries.
Metal detectorist discovers treasure trove of bronze artefacts in Poland
A metal detectorist from Weles Grupa Historyczno Eksploracyjna (Weles Historical and Exploration Group) has discovered more than 150 decorated bronze artefacts, dating from over 2,500 years ago.
Iran’s annual metals exports hit $8.4b: Report
Iran witnessed its exports of metals grow in the year ending in March 2020, as the country keeps earning more from the sector despite US trade bans.
Iran to stand by tariffs on raw metal exports: Minister
Iran’s minister of industry said the government has no plans to revise a series of harsh tariffs imposed on exports of raw metals as the government seeks to gain more revenues through the export of finished products that could generate more added value for the country.
Palladium tumbles most in four months after piercing $1,900/oz
Spot palladium tumbled further from its all-time high reached this week, posting the biggest drop in four months after crashing through $1,900 an ounce.
What gold price drop means for precious metal
According to some financial media outlets, the ‘unstable’ price of gold is ‘under pressure’ after an unexpected fall.
Three JPMorgan traders charged with manipulating metals prices
Three people — including a trader who ran JPMorgan's global precious metals desk — were charged with manipulating the precious metals futures market, the US Justice Department said.
US food company recalls chicken strips over metal fears
Millions of pounds of chicken strips in the US were recalled following concerns they might be contaminated with metal.
Iran's metal output increases
Iranian steel mills produced 13.1 million tons of crude steel in the seven months from March 21, 2018, indicating a 9.8-percent increase in output.
Metal, non-metal products worth $5.8b exported in eight months
Iran exported metal and non-metal industries products worth $5.8 billion in the eight months from March 21-November 21.
Metal printing offers low-cost way to make flexible, stretchable electronics
Researchers from North Carolina (NC) State University have developed a new technique for directly printing metal circuits, creating flexible, stretchable electronics.
Metal constraints for a low-carbon economy
It is often thought that a transition to a low-carbon economy requires an enormous increase of the use of metals like steel and copper and smaller amounts of critical raw materials.
Metal clouds to protect fusion reactor walls from heat flux
How can scientists protect the structures that house fusion reactors?
Iran bans scrap metal imports from Iraq, Afghanistan on contamination fears
Iran's customs authority has banned the import of any scrap metal, including ferrous scrap, from Iraq and Afghanistan, following a request from the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran (TPO), according to a customs circular published on the Iranian customs website.
Metal detected in Mars' atmosphere
Mars has metal in its air. NASA's Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) orbiter has spotted iron, magnesium and sodium ions — electrically charged atoms — high up in the Red Planet's atmosphere over the past two years, a new study reported.

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