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Machine learning experiment can image-match your pose
What about exploring pictures just by moving around? Lots of 11-year-olds would find this a great idea, especially if the alternative was a homework assignment on French verbs.
Corbyn backs British MP who called for moving Israel to US
UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has backed Naz Shah, a British member of parliament who was suspended from the party in 2016 for making anti-Israeli comments on social media.
Almost half of Australian big business moving to renewables
Almost half of Australia’s large businesses are actively transitioning to cheaper renewable energy, including many going off the grid by building their own generators and battery storage, as power bills threaten their bottom line.
China moving ahead with plans for next-generation X-ray observatory
China is getting closer to a finalized design for its next-generation X-ray observatory.
To hear the beat, your brain may think about moving to it
If you’ve ever felt the urge to tap along to music, this research may strike a chord.
Santa’s moving to South Pole because of global warming
A Canadian government website claims Santa Claus signed an international agreement to relocate his workshop to the South Pole to escape the effects of man-made global warming in the Arctic.
Research reveals two black holes moving in relation to each other
New research published in Astrophysical Journal reveals that one of the two black holes in a gigantic, bulging galaxy about 750 million light years from Earth seems to be orbiting around the other.
American poverty is moving to the suburbs
In his inaugural address, US president Donald Trump listed out the problems he saw in a declining America. At the top of his list: “Mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities.”
Moving toward sustainable development goals
When I was mayor of the city of San Fernando, La Union, from 1998-2007, we welcomed the new millennium by forming a Millennium Choir composed of 50 children and 50 employees of the province of La Union and the city. We also heard that UN Habitat and its member countries committed to eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) from 2000-2015.
Moving during childhood linked to poor mental health
Kids who move many times during childhood may be more likely to experience mental health problems than children who don’t change addresses, an Irish study suggests.

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