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Christmas mad mum spends four weeks covering entire home in wrapping paper
The festive season is finally in full swing and many people up and down the country have already begun decking the halls and spreading Christmas cheer all over their homes.
UK mum fumes as £5 ‘mini float’ for kids’ paddling pool takes up her entire living room
Parents are snapping up paddling pools and fun water accessories wherever they can in a bid to get some much needed relief from the scorching weather.
Mum can’t help but laugh after daughter draws her with head full of nits
Once kids are old enough to hold a pen, you end up with reems of pictures they’ve drawn.
Six-year-old Welsh boy helps save mum from choking
The quick-thinking and calmness of a six-year-old Rhondda Cynon Taf student helped save his mother from choking, and all of his family, friends and teachers are extremely proud of him.
Mum transforms her old garden furniture for just £17 in England
Summer is just around the corner. It's fair to say that many gardens are probably in need of some serious tender loving care (TLC) after being left all winter.
Kiwi mum shocked after toddler discovers machete on beach
A mum in Auckland, New Zealand, is shocked after her toddler found a machete on Orewa beach.
UK mum whose son was born with no legs and one arm, says “he's perfect”
When Rosie Higgs was told her son would be born with no legs and just one arm with a webbed hand she never doubted she would keep him.
Mum throws out five-year-old son's toys when he refuses to clean his room
A mum has divided opinions after she revealed that she threw away her son's toys after he refused to tidy his room.
Mum puts kids on 'community service' to clean up streets in England
A mum in England hit on a novel way of curing the holiday blues for her two young children — putting them into her own version of ‘community service’.
UK mum who feared tot swallowed AirPod mortified when A&E nurse finds it in baby’s pocket
A UK mum rushed her toddler daughter to hospital fearing she had swallowed an Apple AirPod — only for a nurse to find it in her pyjama pocket.
UK mum asks son to bleach her hair and ends up 'looking like a pineapple'
A return to lockdown means British people’s hair styling needs will once again be taken out of the hands of trained professionals and given to literally anyone in household willing to take a shot at it.
Mum shares crazy list of requirements for kids' babysitter
A bachelor's degree, nine years experience and full-time availability – trust us, this mum's list only gets more ridiculous from here.
Mum obesity affects child’s health
By Sadeq Dehqan & Atefeh Rezvan-Nia
Mum, dad's genes battle over baby's body shape
Scientists have uncovered how genes inherited from your mother and father have opposite effects on growth during early life, the outcome of which can influence the risk of conditions such as obesity and diabetes in adult life.

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