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Amazing works on display in Didi Gallery Museum in Mazandaran Province
In the heart of the northern province of Mazandaran in Izadshahr, a large complex with a glass and concrete facade stands out. At first glance, it looks much different from all the other complexes and shopping centers that exist on the way towards the city. This modern complex attracts the attention of tourists and travelers for a visit.
Florence Nightingale’s lamp and coded wartime quilt stars in new Red Cross museum in London
A quilt stitched with coded messages by allied female prisoners of war and a lamp believed to have been used by Florence Nightingale are among the “objects of kindness” that are to go on display for the first time.
National Museum of Iran covers country’s history from Old Stone Age to 20th century
National Museum of Iran, which is the main museum of Tehran, is the first choice of the travelers, who are interested in archeology and history.
Iran to hold ‘100 Years of Museum in Iran’ virtual conference
Tehran will hold a virtual conference titled ‘100 Years of Museum in Iran’ on the occasion of 75th anniversary of International Council of Museums (ICOM) on November 20.
Paris museum exhibits Benin's treasures for the last time
In a move with potential ramifications for other European museums, France is displaying 26 looted colonial-era artefacts for one last time before returning them to Benin.
Carpet Museum of Iran, best place to learn about Persian carpets
Founded in 1976, the Capet Museum of Iran exhibits a variety of Persian carpets which date from the 15th century CE to the contemporary era. As one of the attractions of Tehran, the museum offers the perfect opportunity to familiarize oneself with the ancient Persian art of carpet weaving and its most exquisite examples. It is the best place to learn about Persian carpets and their fascinating history.
Abu Dhabi commits to long-awaited Guggenheim museum by 2025
Abu Dhabi committed to completing its long-delayed branch of the Guggenheim by 2025, doubling down on the Persian Gulf emirate’s cultural development strategy with the award of a $1 billion contract for the Frank Gehry-designed museum.
British Museum accepts Nigerian artist’s gift but keeps looted bronzes
The British Museum accepted a bronze plaque made by an artist from Benin City in Nigeria, who said he felt this was a possible first step towards the museum’s return of the priceless Benin Bronzes that were looted by British troops in 1897.
Viral Pakistani cricket fan featured in Hong Kong Museum of Memes
In the digital world, we see thousands of hilarious memes on an everyday basis, but only a few of them manage to leave a lasting impression.
World’s largest astronomy museum set to open in Shanghai
The world’s largest astronomy museum is opening in Shanghai, and its complex curvilinear shape was designed to reflect the geometry of the cosmos. With no straight lines or right angles used throughout, the structure is instead formed from three overlapping arcs that allude to the orbits of celestial bodies.

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