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New ‘ionic wind’ can dry foods while preserving nutrients
Once a piece of fruit or a vegetable is picked, it starts to go bad. One common way to slow or stop that spoilage is to remove water from the food. That process – dehydration – typically involves heat. But heat can destroy a food’s nutrients. Now, researchers have come up with a more energy-efficient way to dehydrate food without heat. It could help keep dried fruits and veggies more wholesome and more flavorful, they say, reported.
Icebergs as a source of nutrients
Climate change could lead to more iron fertilization
Sea creatures, whether large or small, need nutrients. The supply mechanism delivering these nutrients is very different in different parts of the ocean. There are nutrient-rich coastal areas, but also very nutrient-poor regions in the open ocean.
Think long term: Increase your intake of these 3 nutrients to prevent memory loss
In order to boost your cognition you need to ensure you are getting enough of certain nutrients. Here are some nutrients that can help you in improving your brain power.
Best supplements for sleep: Take these three cheap nutrients to fall asleep fast
Best supplements for sleep needn’t be exotic or expensive. Try topping up on magnesium, vitamin D and B vitamins before you nod off.
Four nutrients you need for fast hair growth
Supplements could help combat nutritional deficiencies and be key to helping your hair grow long and healthy.
Astronaut urine could make supplies from nutrients to tools
Astronauts could find themselves eating nutrients and using plastics produced by yeast fed with their own urine, according to researchers exploring ways to harness human waste in space.
Children, teens who skip breakfast lack vital nutrients
Mom was right — eating breakfast really is important. Without it, kids may not get recommended amounts of nutrients, British researchers suggested.
Coconut water best for pregnant women
Apart from other beneficial qualities, it has been found that coconut water is one of the best sources of nutrients for pregnant women.

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