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Iran’s Navy vessels enter Atlantic Ocean
An Iranian Navy flotilla that includes a new sea base-like ship and a destroyer has entered the Atlantic Ocean, a senior commander said.
EU imports squid from unregulated fishing in Indian Ocean
A recent report from World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) shows for the first time exactly when, where and how unregulated fishing is happening in the Indian Ocean and its impacts on threatened species.
Up to 1m tons of ‘deadly’ fishing gear left in ocean each year, WWF warns
Up to one million tons of fishing gear is left in the ocean each year, creating “deadly” debris for marine mammals, seabirds and sea turtles, conservationists have warned.
Microplastic in Atlantic Ocean 'could weigh 21 million tons'
There are 12-21 million tons of tiny plastic fragments floating in the Atlantic Ocean, scientists have found.
Robots go their own way deep in the ocean
"It's very common," said Jess Hanham casually, when asked how often he finds suspected unexploded bombs.
Bird plucks ‘shark’ out of ocean and flies around with it
An incredible footage showed a giant bird soaring over a beach with a giant fish in its talons.
One-fifth of Earth's ocean floor is now mapped
We've just become a little less ignorant about Planet Earth.
Oceans may rise over a meter by 2100, five meters by 2300
Oceans are likely to rise as much as 1.3 meters by 2100 if Earth's surface warms another 3.5˚C, scientists warned.
High microplastic concentration found on ocean floor
Scientists have identified the highest levels of microplastics ever recorded on the seafloor.
Ocean groups plan wave of environment action after Earth Day’s 50th anniversary
The 50th anniversary of Earth Day probably couldn’t come at a worse time, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, when people are supposed to “stay at home” and practice “social distancing” and newcasts feature daily death counts.
Breakthrough in unlocking genetic potential of ocean microbes
Researchers have made a major breakthrough in developing gene-editing tools to improve our understanding of one of the most important ocean microbes on the planet.
Ocean survey company goes for robot boats at scale
The maritime and scientific communities have set themselves the ambitious target of 2030 to map Earth's entire ocean floor.
Hurricane Nicole sheds light on how storms impact deep ocean
In early October 2016, a tropical storm named Nicole formed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It roamed for six days, reaching Category 4 hurricane status with powerful 140 mile-per hour-winds, before hitting the tiny island of Bermuda as a Category 3.
How sharks glow to each other deep in the ocean
Let us dive into the sea, beyond the colorful world of the Sun. About 1,000 to 2,000 feet down, we’ll arrive at a place where only blue beams in sunlight can penetrate.
Among world's worst polluters, ASEAN vows to tackle ocean waste
With Southeast Asia awash in rubbish, from plastic-choked whales to trash-clogged canals, leaders are planning to push through a deal to fight maritime debris at a regional meeting this weekend.

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