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Foreign leaders, officials congratulate Raeisi’s presidential election win
Senior foreign officials, prominent figures, and regional resistance leaders offered congratulations to Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi, after election results declared him as winner of Iran’s 2021 presidential election.
National Desk
Iranian, foreign officials condemn Israel’s occupation, pledge support for Palestinian cause
Top officials and prominent figures in Iran and elsewhere renewed their pledge to support the Palestinian cause and condemned Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories to mark the International Quds Day.
Russia bars EU officials as latest row escalates
EU says Moscow’s move lacks any legal justification
Ukraine officials trying to politicize plane crash incident: SNSC
All allegations made by Ukrainian officials about the accidental bringing down of a passenger plane over Iran’s sky are unconstructive, as they are trying to politicize the case, a high-ranking Iranian security official said.
Dutch officials seize ham sandwiches from British drivers
Dutch TV news has aired footage of customs officers confiscating ham sandwiches from drivers arriving by ferry from the UK under post-Brexit rules banning personal imports of meat and dairy products into the EU.
Iranian officials react to Biden’s victory in US presidential elections
Iranian officials hailed the end of Donald Trump’s tenure as the president of the United States after Joe Biden was elected as the country’s 46th president.
French officials move to further limit access to Mont Blanc
More restrictions will be placed on climbers hoping to scale Mont Blanc in France amid mounting concerns over environmental impacts and the effects of climate change.
At least 50 dead as cold wave sweeps through Bangladesh
At least 50 people have died in Bangladesh as cold weather continues to sweep across the country, officials said.
US officials: Tensions with Iran easing
A month after sending an aircraft carrier to the Middle East in reaction to intelligence the US claims it had showing Iran was preparing to attack US troops, military tensions appear to be easing, according to several US officials.
IRGC: American officials suffer from mess in their thoughts
US President Donald Trump’s administration does not dare wage a war on Iran despite its recent deployment of an aircraft carrier and bombers in the Persian Gulf, because the American officials are suffering from some mess in their thoughts, said a senior official of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC).
Health officials: Arizona sees surge of hepatitis A cases
The US state Arizona is seeing a surge in hepatitis A cases, mostly in the Tucson area but also in metro Phoenix, health officials said.
Bangladeshi experts, officials call for environment-friendly management of e-waste
The total waste generated by obsolete or broken down electronic devices specially mobile phone, battery and charger in Bangladesh was estimated to be 400,000 tons for the year 2018, which is expected to exceed 4.62 million tons by 2035.
Trump officials argue climate change warnings based on ‘worst-case scenario'
The Trump administration has a new strategy for deflecting concerns about the warming planet.

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