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How did a £120 painting become a £320m Leonardo … then vanish?
The London’s National Gallery is facing controversy over its role in the tangled story of how the world’s most expensive painting emerged from obscurity before being sold for a staggering £320m, only to vanish again from the public eye.
Picasso painting sells for $103m in New York: Auction house
Pablo Picasso's ‘Woman sitting by a window (Marie-Therese)’ sold for $103.4 million at Christie's in New York, the auction house said.
Auction featuring artworks by Picasso, Dali and Mandela raises €8.2 million for charity
An online auction of artworks in Dubai, which included pieces from Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Nelson Mandela, raised €8.2 million for charity.
Van Gogh painting from coveted Arles period could fetch $25m at Christie’s
An 1888 Vincent van Gogh painting will be offered at Christie’s art auction in New York on May 13. Titled ‘Le Pont de Trinquetaille’ (1888), the work is estimated to sell for $25 million–$35 million.
Sale of Chinese painting shows art value rising in pandemic
A Chinese painting from 1924 is expected to fetch at least $45 million in an auction in Hong Kong, as collectors’ appetite for art continues to rise even amid economic uncertainty brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.
World’s priciest painting may be a Leonardo, after all
The world’s most expensive painting, the ‘Salvator Mundi,’ may be the work of Leonardo da Vinci, after all, with several media reports contradicting doubts raised in a French documentary.
Painting of famous 1916 Rising photograph to hang in Seanad
The photograph taken of Patrick Pearse surrendering to the British after the Easter Rising is one of the most recognizable photographs of that week.
Munch wrote ‘madman’ graffiti on ‘The Scream’ painting, scans show
Artist Edvard Munch wrote mysterious graffiti on his painting of ‘The Scream,’ infrared scans showed.
Istanbul Nat’l Palaces Painting Museum ready to host visitors
The National Palaces Painting Museum in Istanbul’s Dolmabahçe Palace became one of the foremost painting museums in the world, with its collection of more than 3,000 paintings in its inventory and the opportunity to exhibit 553 paintings at the same time.
Highest price ever for a Botticelli painting, $92.2m, paid at auction
A small painting by Sandro Botticelli was sold at Sotheby’s in New York for $92.2m, an auction record for the Renaissance master.
Google’s Tilt Brush painting app goes open source
Google made its virtual-reality (VR) painting tool open source, handing it over to community creators instead of shutting it down.
Previously unseen dog painting by Manet to be sold at Paris auction
A previously unseen painting of a pet dog by Édouard Manet will be sold for the first time at an auction in Paris next month.
Sussex auction house sells £200 painting for £52,000
The 18th century oil on wood panel portrait of a man with a bugle was one of the lots up for sale at Burstow and Hewett’s final auction of 2020.

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