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Adorable clingy baby panda refuses to let go of zookeeper’s leg in South Korea
Meet Fu Bao — the adorable baby panda who absolutely will not leave her zookeeper alone.
Second Taiwan-born panda cub makes media debut
A second Taiwan-born giant panda made her media debut, clambering over a wooden climbing frame and playing with sawdust to the sound of clicking cameras.
Washington zoo welcomes 'precious' new baby panda
Washington zoo officials heralded the arrival of "a precious giant panda cub" on Friday, following the much-watched birth of panda Mei Xiang's latest baby, four years after her last pregnancy.
Sick of lockdown: Panda escapes confinement in Copenhagen zoo
Humans are not the only ones tiring of confinement during the coronavirus pandemic — a panda escaped from his enclosure at Copenhagen Zoo on Monday.
First giant panda born in Netherlands
Wu Wen, a giant panda loaned to a Dutch zoo by China, has given birth in a first for the Netherlands, Ouwehands animal park announced on Saturday.
Panda cub makes public debut at Malaysia zoo
A four-month-old panda cub made her first public appearance at the Malaysian zoo where she was born, to the delight of visitors.
Panda conservation offers broad ecological benefits
Panda conservation benefits a variety of plants and animals, not just pandas, new research found.
Saving giant pandas
"Oh, Bei Bei!" Or so the admirers of one famed Washington, D.C., toddler might well exclaim.
Panda expert claims int’l breeding program failed
A panda expert has said the captive breeding program designed to save pandas should be scrapped because it is giving humanity false hope.
Scientists decode panda 'language'
Scientists in China have worked out the meaning of 13 different giant panda vocalizations, it's reported.

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