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Bolivian parents go back to class to help their kids study online
When the outbreak of COVID-19 shut their sons' school, Bolivian street vendors Angela Poma and Lorenzo Gutierrez made big changes to help their boys Willy, nine, and Carlos, 11, adjust to online learning.
Some parents think it’s time children go back to school
Some parents in Borneo welcome the reopening of schools next month as they think face-to-face lessons are more effective.
‘Children are not pets, society has to help parents bring them up’
Parents have had to become teachers, a footballer has helped expose the plight of deprived families, and local groups across the country have been on the frontline in providing emergency advice and supplies.
US parents in bizarre 'balloon boy' hoax granted pardon
Two Colorado parents jailed for falsely claiming their six-year-old son Falcon had floated away in a homemade balloon shaped like a flying saucer have been granted pardons by the western US state's governor.
Twins pay off their parents’ mortgage with money from making video games
A pair of identical twins paid off their parents’ mortgage by dropping out of school and making video games.
Parents place children on risky exclusion diets due to mistaken belief they could beat allergies
Parents are putting children on risky exclusion diets in the mistaken belief that they could beat allergies, experts warned.
Australian mom picks perfect names for twins, but pal points out they sound like a seafood dish
Finding the perfect name for your child can be incredibly difficult and it's even harder when you have to come up with two names if you're having twins.
Two in three parents would send kids to school in the fall
About two-thirds of US parents say they'll send their kids to school again this fall, and most also support COVID-19 testing and social distancing policies for schoolchildren, a new survey finds.
Parents twice as likely to be concerned about ticks than mosquitoes
Not all bloodsuckers are created equal in parents' eyes. When it comes to bug bites, parents are twice as likely to be concerned about ticks as they are about mosquitoes transmitting disease, a new national poll finds, reported.
Mental health clarity urged for uni students' parents in UK
Universities need to be much clearer about whether they will contact parents if students have a mental health crisis, says a social mobility charity.
Parents in Scotland urged to apply  for new free childcare plan
Families are being urged to apply for new funded nursery places as the national entitlement increases this summer.
Parents' smoking raise future heart risks for kids
When parents smoke, their kids may face a higher risk of a common heart rhythm problem decades later, a new study suggested.
'Time outs' don't do any harm, parents told
Using "time outs" to discipline children is not going to harm them or your relationship with them, US research suggests.

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