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Smuggled parrots stuffed in plastic bottles: Indonesia police
Dozens of parrots stuffed into plastic water bottles have been discovered on a ship docked in Indonesia's Papua region, authorities said on Friday.
British wildlife park removes five cursing parrots from public view
A British wildlife park has removed five African Grey parrots from public view because of the fowls’ foul language.
Why do parrots waste so much food?
Polly wants a cracker. Polly gets chopped vegetables, because parrots need a diverse array of nutrients. Polly eats one bite and flings the rest onto the floor.
Endangered parrots exported from Australia
A government MP has said it ‘beggars belief’ that more endangered Australian birds have been exported to a German organization headed by a convicted kidnapper and extortionist, after a Guardian investigation revealed there had been multiple warnings that the birds could be sold to collectors at a huge profit.
Study reveals source of parrots' high intelligence
Neuroscientists in Canada have identified the neural circuit responsible for parrots' impressive intelligence.

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