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Bam Date Festival, a joyful event for local people and tourists
Over 30 types of date are grown in Iran, and one of the most famous ones is Bam’s Mazafati Date. Every year around the month of September, when dates are ripe and ready, a week long harvest festival takes place at Arg-e Jadid in Bam, southeastern province of Kerman.
Mom who gives birth to 'biggest baby' stuns people
A mom has left people stunned after she revealed how much her son weighed when he was born.
Pfizer vaccine may be less effective in people with obesity, says study
The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine may be less effective in people with obesity, data suggests.
Vaccinated people may spread virus: England's medical official
People who have received a COVID-19 vaccine could still pass the virus on to others and should continue following lockdown rules, England's deputy chief medical officer has warned.
People with genetic conditions at a higher risk of autism
Autism or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is an umbrella term used to indicate neurodevelopmental disorders in children.
Why do obese people have higher risk from COVID-19?
Respiratory problems and other factors — not inflammation — may explain why obese people are more likely to have severe COVID-19 and die from it, according to a new study.
France lets some UK cargo, people in; huge backlog remains
Freight from Britain and passengers with a negative virus test began arriving on French shores on Wednesday, after France relaxed a two-day blockade over a new virus variant that had isolated the UK, stranded thousands of truck drivers and raised fears of food shortages.
'Living with 50 people has been a blessing'
A farming community of 50 people who all live together said their way of life had "come into its own" during the coronavirus pandemic.
Free vitamin D pills for 2.5 million people in England
More than 2.5 million vulnerable people in England will be offered free vitamin D supplements this winter.
Focus on people to put a value on nature
Our reliance on nature’s dwindling resources has become ever more palpable as human activities cause ecosystems and biodiversity to crumble.
More people with extra artery shows modern human evolving at fast rate: Aussie research
Over generations, more people born with an extra artery in their forearm shows modern humans are evolving at the fastest rate in the past 250 years and the natural selection could be the major reason, Australian researchers said.
Enhancing blood sugar control boosts brain health for people with type 2 diabetes
Controlling blood sugar levels improved the ability to clearly think, learn and remember among people with type 2 diabetes who were overweight, a new study shows. But losing weight, especially for people who were obese, and increasing physical activity produced mixed results.
People react better to both negative and positive events with more sleep
New research from University of British Columbia (UBC) finds that after a night of shorter sleep, people react more emotionally to stressful events the next day — and they don't find as much joy in the good things. The study, led by health psychologist Nancy Sin, looks at how sleep affects our reaction to both stressful and positive events in daily life.
Why people with knee osteoarthritis experience different kinds of pain
Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis worldwide, affecting more than 300 million people. It causes substantial pain, functional limitations, and disability in patients.

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