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British dyslexic pensioner writes entire book on his phone using one finger
A pensioner has proved that you don’t need to be the fastest with your fingers to create something you’re proud of.
Iran’s domestic cell phone production to hit 2m by 2022: Minister
Iran’s communications and information technology minister said four Iranian companies will produce two million mobile phones a year within the next two years to fill a gap created in the market as a result of the American sanctions.
Iranian, Iraqi FMs discuss regional developments on phone
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his Iraqi counterpart Mohammad Ali Al-Hakim discussed the latest regional developments on phone on Thursday.
Here's how Google is protecting your phone from dangerous malware
Android has been updated by Google as part of an effort to make devices more secure from dangerous malware.
Your phone could be at risk but there's a ridiculously simple fix
Android users have been put on alert about a specific kind of application that could be putting devices at risk.
Huawei takes on Samsung with its $2,600 foldable phone
The price tag for Huawei's foldable 5G-enabled phone, the Mate X, is downright astronomical.
Woman files for divorce after husband refuses to recharge her phone for Dh50
A young Emirati woman in her 20's complained that her husband was not giving her enough money for her expenses.
Research: Phone presence can hurt experience of dining out
Keeping that smartphone handy while out with friends may backfire: The pull of digital technology is distracting and drains enjoyment out of face-to-face interactions, new research suggested.
Facebook gave device makers access to data on users and friends: Report
Facebook, the world's largest social media company, struck agreements that allowed phone and other device makers access to vast amounts of its users’ personal information, according a report.
Mexico president shelves plan to visit US after Trump phone call
Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has shelved a plan to visit the US following a phone conversation with US President Donald Trump, in which the US president reportedly lost his temper.
Cell phone imports grow over 104%
The legal import of cell phones has increased 104.4 percent following the launch of a recent plan by President Hassan Rouhani administration to prevent the smuggling of the item into the country.
Iranian, Qatari FMs discuss regional issues on phone
Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif exchanged views on regional issues with his Qatari counterpart over the telephone.
Night phone use makes teenagers depressed
Late night mobile phone use has devastating effects on teenager's mental health, a new study by Australian researchers at Murdoch and Griffith Universities found.
Leaning forward during phone use may cause 'text neck'
Spine surgeons are noticing an increase in patients with neck and upper back pain, likely related to poor posture during prolonged smartphone use.
5b mobile phone users in 2017
The number of mobile phone users globally will surpass five billion by the middle of 2017, according to a study released by GSMA, the association of mobile operators.

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