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Indian enterprise turning plastic wrappers into fashion accessories
According to a 2019 report by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), India generates almost eight grams of plastic per capita per day. This amounts to a massive 3.3 million metric tonnes per year. In addition, there are reports saying that around 80% of the total plastic produced in the world enters our environment.
Brazilian conjures works of art from plastic bags
Brazilian artist Eduardo Srur reproduces works by renowned masters without using a drop of paint — just recycled shreds of plastic picked up from city streets and rivers.
Plastic petition by UK nine-year-old gains over 70k signatures in under a week
A petition by a nine-year-old schoolgirl calling on UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to stop shipments of plastic waste to developing countries has received more than 70,000 signatures in less than a week.
River floods boosting global spread of plastic, study finds
River floods are boosting the spread of plastic around the world, a study has found, raising potentially severe health risks for people and wildlife.
South Korean 'sparrows' try to cap surge of throwaway plastic
At a workshop in the South Korean capital, two environmental activists melt down old plastic bottle caps that thousands of volunteers known as "sparrows" have collected in a bid to fight a tide of plastic the novel coronavirus has helped unleash.
COVID-19 pandemic has led to more ocean plastic pollution
The coronavirus has worsened the amount of plastic polluting the world's oceans.
Plastic carrier bag charge to double from 5p to 10p in England
The plastic bag charge will be doubled to 10p and extended to all shops across England from April 2021.
Risk of COVID-19 plastic trash pile-up worries Europe
Concerns are rising across Europe that the coronavirus-induced slump in oil prices could knock demand for recycled plastics but data is still patchy on how the pandemic has affected the amount of trash piling up, the European Union’s environment chief said.
Surface cleanup technology won't solve ocean plastic problem: Study
Clean-up devices that collect waste from the ocean surface won't solve the plastic pollution problem, a new study shows.
Plastic pollution flowing into oceans to triple by 2040: Study
The amount of plastic waste flowing into the ocean and killing marine life could triple in the next 20 years, unless companies and governments can drastically reduce plastic production, a new study said.
How much plastic actually gets recycled?
We're drowning in plastic. In 2017, the US produced nearly 35.4 million tons (32 million metric tons) of the stuff, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. If you want to reduce your own contribution to the plastic pollution problem, recycling might seem like an easy solution, Live Science wrote.
Plastic pollution research in England is a 'wake-up call'
The discovery of microplastic pollution near the top of the highest mountain in England and Wales is a "scary wake-up call", environmentalists have said.
Banned! New York sends plastic bags packing
Consumerist mecca New York targets its throwaway culture this weekend with a ban on single-use plastic bags that has been years in the making and is still rare in America.

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