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NASA: Pollution could be solution, to find an extraterrestrial civilization
If there’s an advanced extraterrestrial civilization inhabiting a nearby star system, we might be able to detect it using its own atmospheric pollution, according to new NASA research.
Recommendations for regional action to combat marine plastic pollution
Millions of tons of plastic waste find their way into the ocean every year. A team of researchers from the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) in Potsdam has investigated the role of regional ocean governance in the fight against marine plastic pollution, highlighting why regional marine governance should be further strengthened as negotiations for a new global agreement continue.
Noise pollution is harming sea life, needs to be prioritized, scientists say
Far beneath the ocean surface, a cacophony of industrial noise is disrupting marine animals’ ability to mate, feed and even evade predators, scientists warn.
Smaller towns in India at higher risk of air pollution compared to big cities
The 2020 Annual Air Pollution report brought about different revelations about the air pollution levels in India.
Bangladeshi man uses pollution plea to avoid deportation from France
A Bangladeshi man with asthma was saved from being deported from France after his lawyer argued that he might face severe health risks and possibly premature death due to the dangerous levels of pollution in his homeland.
Cutting ozone pollution in US saves over one  billion birds, study finds
Cutting pollution that is harmful to human health is not only helping people but is helping migratory bird populations in a staggering way.
Microplastic pollution found near summit of Mount Everest
Microplastic pollution has been discovered in snow close to the peak of Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain. With plastic debris revealed in 2018 at the deepest point on Earth, the Mariana Trench, it is now clear that humanity’s litter has polluted the entire planet.
Does air pollution affect mental health later in life?
In a study of women aged 80 years and older, living in locations with higher exposures to air pollution was associated with increased depressive symptoms. The findings were published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.
Canada invests in research on plastic pollution in our environment
Plastic pollution is everywhere. It fills our rivers, lakes, and oceans and harms the wildlife that call those places home. Canadians want their governments to take action on plastic pollution to protect the environment and grow the economy.
Air pollution increases SARS-CoV-2 transmission: Study
Evidence from China indicates that higher air pollution could lead to increased transmission of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), leading to more COVID-19 cases.
Air pollution killed half a million babies across globe in 2019
Air pollution last year caused the premature death of nearly half a million babies in their first month of life, with most of the infants being in the developing world, data shows.
COVID-19 pandemic has led to more ocean plastic pollution
The coronavirus has worsened the amount of plastic polluting the world's oceans.
Pollution killing sea life in Russian Far East
Many dead sea creatures have washed up on beaches in Kamchatka, in Russia's Far East, in what is being treated as a major marine pollution incident.
Russia confirms pollution off Far East amid concern about 'ecological disaster'
Russia told residents on Saturday to stay away from a pristine beach in the Far East due to unexplained water pollution that Greenpeace said was evidence of an “ecological disaster” and had caused some surfers to break into a fever and vomit.
Shocking state of English rivers revealed as all of them fail pollution tests
All English rivers have failed to meet quality tests for pollution amid concerns over the scale of sewage discharges and agricultural and industrial chemicals entering the water system.

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